I returned to Ghana because I missed my husband – Aisha Huang Tells Court.


I returned to Ghana because I missed my husband – Aisha Huang Tells Court.

A Police Investigator testified in the Accra High Court on Monday that the alleged Galamsey kingpin Aisha Huang returned to Ghana because she had missed her husband.

Mounting the observer box, Examiner Simon Nyaho, a Police Specialist, said Aisha, or Ruixia Huang, reemerged in Ghana through the Aflao Port to visit her better half, known as Ruler Amoah.

"My team and I interrogated the accused person, and she stated that she re-entered Ghana through the Aflao Port.

"When we asked her why she came to Ghana, she expressed that she had missed her significant other, whose name she gave as one Ruler Amoah, and that she had stayed with him."

The 10th witness for the prosecution said that when Aisha was arrested, she had two passports given to the Ghana Immigration Services for further investigation.

Inspector Nyaho said that on September 6, 2022, he and his team were tasked to investigate how Aisha re-entered Ghana. Because of that, the Police specialist said he got a court request to look through Aisha's home.

"During the inquiry, we found 19 jugs of a fluid substance thought to be mercury, 200 cartridges of AA ammo, a few extra pieces of backhoes, and consumables, among others.

"Additionally, we located a COVID-19 vaccination card, a Non-citizen Ghana Card application form, a Yellow Fever Vaccination Card bearing the name Ruixia Huang, and three receipts.

"Additionally, "Officers of the Defence Intelligence retrieved two metal safes from the accused person's residence," he stated. The observer offered for proof every one of the reports recovered from Aisha's home.

Auditor Nyaho gave further subtleties on Aisha's two identifications. The witness claims that one of the passports was issued on January 14, 2010, in Ningzi, China, and was due to expire on January 13, 2020. It was titled En Huang and listed the accused's birth date as July 7, 1986.

He stated that the second passport, EE999460, was issued on January 14, 2019, in Fujian, China, and will expire on January 19, 2029. The name Ruixia Huang was on the document, and the birth date was November 7, 1975.

"Fujian is the birthplace listed in this passport. Additionally, there is a photograph of the accused in this passport," he added.

The investigator said after interrogation, the team took Aisha's caution statement on September 28, 2022, which was tendered in evidence. Under cross-examination by Mr Miracle Attachy, Aisha's attorney, Inspector Nyaho acknowledged obtaining a court order to search Aisha's home.

The witness responded that the passports had been given to the Ghana Immigration Service for additional investigation when asked if he could provide Aisha's two passports in court. The issue has been put off until April 19, 2023. The state's case is that the complainants are security and intelligence officers.

The prosecution claimed that Aisha had gained "notoriety" throughout the nation for participating in galamsey, a type of small-scale mining.

It said in 2017, Aisha was arrested for a similar offence but managed to sneak out of the country to avoid prosecution. After being expelled in 2018, she rejected the allegations that she participated in illegal mining and entered Ghana again.

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