Vodafone Free Data Hack: For iOS and Android Users


Are you in Ghana and a Vodafone subscriber? If yes, we have a new working Vodafone accessible data hack for you; you can use this trick on both ios and Android systems to benefit from the unrestricted internet. In my previous blog post, I shared a free tutorial on browsing the internet without buying a bundle with HTTP Injector.

Vodafone Free Data Hack

This article will guide you on accessing unlimited internet on Vodafone Ghana Using Napternet, which works for iOS and Android. I will divide the steps into two. How to configure the settings for iPhone users and General users. Let get started  

Vodafone accessible data hack in Ghana

In other to enjoy this fbt, you will need three things :

  • Your phone
  • inpv config file 
  • NapsternetV app

How To configure for Andriod Users

1. Go to the Google playstore and download the NapsternetV app

2. Download the inpv config file for Android Here

3. Open the NapsternetV app and click the "+" button to import the inpv config file you download in step two.

4. Click on the play button to connect the vpn

5. If it connects successfully, you can enjoy unlimited internet access on your Android device.

How To configure for iPhone Users

1. Go to the ios store, search NapsternetV and install it

2. Download the inpv config file for ios here (make sure you don't download the Android version, else it won't connect)

3. Then open the NapsternetV app and click the "+" button to import the inpv config file you download in step two.

4. Lastly, click on the play button to start the connection.

5. Once the link is selected, you can enjoy unlimited internet access on your iPhone. 


What If the file does not connect?

If your Vodafone Unlimited file doesn't connect, please check if your network is on 3G.

How do I check If my network is on 3G?

Please check the sign at the top to confirm if it's on 3G. It should be nothing but a 4G show. Any other thing then that means it's on 3G. It won't connect. Apply airplane mode for 120sec—purchase credit of 0.20p. Please check if your data network is now on 4G.

What If it's on 4G but still not connecting?

If on 4G, wait to connect the file. Wait for your social media messages to come through. With payasugo still enabled and on 0.20p. When messages start coming in. Connect the file. It will connect. But when you run Telegram, it will write connecting. Disconnect the file and connect after a few seconds again.


The above illustration is to help vodafone Ghana users enjoy free internet with a  config file built by techzone101 on Telegram and is only meant to be used for educational purposes. Further, a solid and stable internet connection is necessary before using the config file. If you face any issues, remember to comment below, and also, if you would like more of these, kindly share our content. 


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  1. Think it also works on Mtn bcos I just tried it and it seems like it work.

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