Hubtel Loading Method Step-by-step Guide

I have received many messages where People ask me questions about how Hubtel loading is done. First, loading on this platform is very easy, like word remit. Even though I have not tried this tutorial, Many guys are using this trick. So buckle up and start how to load Hubtel to Mobile Money.

Hubtel Loading Method

Overview of Hubtel

Hubtel, as of my most recent update in September 2021, is a Ghanaian technology company that offers a variety of unique mobile messaging, payments, and business connectivity solutions. It was established in 2005 to improve communication and business in Ghana and other African countries. Here's a rundown of some of Hubtel's most essential services and features:

  1. Mobile Messaging
  2. Mobile Payments
  3. USSD Services 
  4. API Integration
  5. E-commerce Solutions
  6. Business Solutions

Required Tools 

  • Hubtel Account
  • Momo Number
  • Non-Vbv cc 
  • Bin (422170, 430545, 437358, 414564)

Disclaimer: This article illustrates how to send cash from your bank card to Momo, which is not illegal. Abuse this article at your own risk. I won't be responsible for the damage cost with this information. 

How to Load Hubtel  Method

1. Go to the playstore and download the Hubtel app
Hubtel Loading Method

2. Open the app, agree to the terms, and click continue.

3. Enter a number to create an account 

4. Verify with the code you received 

5. Click on Continue 

6. On the Hubtel dashboard, click on Send money

7. Enter a mobile money number and click Send new

8. Choose the Mtn Mobile Money option

9. Enter the Mtn momo number and Next.

10. Enter the amount you wish to send and click on Next again.

11. Choose a Bank card and click on Continue.

12. Enter the card details; ensure you are using non-vbv cc

13. Click on Pay

14. If it goes through, click on I have paid.

15. Wait a few minutes and check; your Momo will appear with an alert.

Hubtel Loading Method


This method is similar to world remit. Ensure you follow the process is not used illegally. Secondly, Remember to make use of a VPN; it is vital. 

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