How To Open Badoo Dating Site For Free

To join the "game boys," you must have a dating account and start printing like a guru. It is a challenging task if you need to learn how to set one up; in this guide, I will share a step-by-step on how to open a Badoo dating site for free, so buckle up and let's get started.  

How To Open Badoo Dating Site For Free

What Do You Need?

Due to security issues, you must have some tools and pay close attention to tips and tricks to verify your Badoo profile up to 95%; however, you will need:

  • Good VPN ( PIA recommend)
  • Brave or Firefox browser
  • 4 or 5 Pictures of the person you want to use (Must be different locations and poses)
  • PC (Maintain pc through when you start PC, you can log in later after the account  is fully setup)
  • Create an email matching the name you want to use for the dating (Gmail is recommended)

Badoo Dating Open-Up Method

1. Connect Ip to any USA address; cross-check if your IP is not exposed on whoer.

2. Sign in to the email you want to use on the browser

3. Go to badoo website:

4. Click on Continue with Google

5. Choose the gender, name, and date of birth

6. Upload 4 or 5 images of the person you prefer; it must be a different picture type.

7. You can choose any, depending on what type of relationship you are going there for.

8. Click on "Start the quiz."

9. Choose the sexual orientation depending on the format you want to use.

10. Relationship status, choose single or open

11. Your interest can be anything, but I recommend you choose based on your formats.

How To Open Badoo Dating Site For Free

12. Write a simple bio for your profile.

13. Choose your height by shifting the progress bar

14. You can write any university in your mind 

15. Type of work, write anything there 

16. You will be asked to answer 3 to 4 questions, Answer positively 

17. Click on the check mark sign after answering the questions

18. Do you brink? , choose based on the format 

19. Do you smoke? Do the same for this section.

20. How do you feel about kids? Answer based on your project

21. Choose any for education.

22. Go for an extrovert; it will help you get more pal

23. Choose any for your star sign.

24. Select the pet you want; if you don't have one, choose no pet

25. Choose Christianity as a religion

26. In case you come across this, verify me, don't panic; you can click on it, but ensure your camera is blocked

27. It will direct you to the pictures you uploaded earlier, click on add more.

28. Type your city based on where you connected the vpn.

29. That's all, done

Badoo Dating

30. Don't start liking many pictures for some time; once in a while, when you are lucky, they will chat back.

How To Open Badoo Dating Site For Free


I hope setting up Badoo Dating Site is easy; join the game, boys, and take id. me as time passes and bring it for a tax refund. There are different dating open-up methods like Meetville and Zoosk Dating. You can upgrade to the premium when using online virtual cards; remember, you will load money onto the card to pay. Don't use hacked cc! Upgrade only if you have been on the system for long. Cheers!!


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