How to file for Maryland's BEACON Unemployment Insurance

If you have a whitehead or friends with fullz from Maryland, read on to learn how to file for Maryland's BEACON Unemployment Insurance, which ends in April 2024. This method will be a straightforward guide 

How to file for Maryland's BEACON Unemployment Insurance

To File Maryland BEACON Unemployment, You Need:

  • Name
  • Maryland Address
  • City
  • ZipCode
  • A Computer or Mobile Phone 
  • Good VPN
  • USA Phone Number (You can use Google Voice)
  • Create an Email with the first and last name of the fullz
  • Drivers License
  • Direct Deposit bank details matching fullz name

Maryland's BEACON Unemployment Insurance

1. Connect your IP to Maryland or any closer state and head over to the unemployment insurance portal;

BEACON Unemployment Insurance

2. Check mark "web accessibility mode for the visually impaired" and click on Get started with Beacon.

Maryland's BEACON Unemployment

3. Have you ever filed for unemployment insurance benefit in Maryland ? Select No and click on Begin My Beacon application.

Begin My Beacon application

4. Check "I have read and agree with above" and Enter your SSN and click on Next.

Enter your SSN on the Beacon insurance

5. Fill in the required information here, such as date of birth, name, Driver's license, etc.

date of birth, name, Driver's license

6. Create your security question here and click on Next.

7. You will see your login access, keep it safe and tab on Next.

8. Click on Next

9.Fill in the address of the full here

10.Check mark mailing address same as residential address and click Next.

11. Please select the correct address, such as how it appears on the fullz you use. 

12.Check mark "I have not worked since 07/01/2022 and choose No for "Have you filed an unemployment claim in another state within the last year?

13. Click on Next

14. Enter the email you created in the ssn name and phone here.

15. Choose Email in this section and re-enter the Email entered previously. 

16. Choose Race and the necessary information based on the profile.

17. Are you a U.S citizen, choose Yes and No for the allowance section

18. Choose Pay my benefits by Direct Deposit

19.Check mark, I authorize and agreement.

How to file for Maryland's BEACON Unemployment Insurance

20. Enter your bank direct deposit information here and click on Verify. That's all. Anything else not really necessary.


If you have already filed for BEACON Unemployment Insurance in 2023 and gotten paid, you can simply file for a backdate on your profile, which I will be sharing with you in the next article. If you face any issues when filing, share in the comment section or D.M. on telegram.


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