Nigerian man ends life after reportedly losing N2.5m to Sports betting
Nigerian man ends life after reportedly losing N2.5m to Sports betting

A Nigerian man identified as Mr Onoh Chukwuka Richard, a 31-year-old, has ended his life after reportedly losing 2.5 million naira on a sports betting he took part in over the weekend.

A report from the Daily Post reports that the 31-year-old took sniper and was rushed to the Madonna Hospital Umuahia by friends, where a duty doctor declared him dead.

Earlier on the same day before committing suicide, Richard wrote in a viral WhatsApp message begging a man said to be his boss to help him pay a debt of N1.2 million, which he brought upon himself after losing the N2.5 million bet.

"The only option is to end my life as I cannot live with the shame. I have turned into a gambler because of no job, and right now, I am at a point where if I don't redeem my debt, I might kill myself to pay the debt," he reportedly wrote in a viral WhatsApp message.

The Rivers State born ended it all hours after he took to Facebook to announce his plans on Tuesday afternoon, December 12, 2023.

"Today is my last day on earth," right before he died. "I'm going to meet my maker." He added

The victim's Facebook post reads that part of the lost bet money, which is 1.2 million, was a loan from someone, and he was worried about being able to repay it. Mr Onoh claimed he had to commit suicide because he couldn't face his creditors and be embarrassed. Friends of his believe he made a wrong decision for his actions.

There is no indication from the family nor any police report yet on the case, but the issue is said to be with ASP Maureen Chinaka, the spokeswoman for the Abia State Police Command.

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