A UK based Ghanaian artist and the CEO of Falaaa Nation Wizla Finito is very hurt that some Shatta Movement fans are turning their back at him with insults and mockery after all he did for the SM empire.

In a Facebook write up, the CEO of Falaaa Nation said that he bought a Sony HD camera at 12,000 GHC for his junior brother to start the production of SMTV without even Shatta Wale’s notice so, those who wake up and wants to insult him should ask themselves what they have done for the SM Empire 

In a Facebook post the  Former Shatta Movement Member, Dr. Wizla Finito wrote 

When you wake up and you want to insult Wizla ask yourself what have you done for the SM Empire first. The Wizla Finito wey you no dey respect is the one who created SMTV which is today highly promoting Shatta Wale. I bought a Sony HD camera  at 12,000 GHC for my junior brother to start the production of SMTV without even Shatta Wale’s notice. 

I intentionally told my little bro not to ever make anybody know that I am the brain behind the SMTV because I knew that you pipos don’t like good things in society especially when it is coming from pipos you don’t like. Today, even though Shatta Wale has blocked me for all the good things and sacrifices I put into the SM Empire, my ideologies and the social structures I put in place are still pushing Wale so please put some respect on my God dernmed name. You join Shatta Movement in 2019 and you wan come disrespect Wizla Finito, are you that stupid? Ofuii don’t be ungrateful, think before you start fooling on my wall 😡