Discover Student Loans Method

 Last month , I dropped a student loan and most people seems not to understand how to file it or better still did go well for some of you so, in today's tutorial is another one Discover Student Loans, I am going to make this simple and quicks. Follow just like you see below  and file like that.

In the next few days when I get time, I will post the new Walls Fargo method go viral here for those those interested.  

IMPOTANT NOTICE : The Below Information is  Only for education purposes, I may not be Responsible for any illegal missus of this article.

Tools Needed  

1. Any God Vpn (Prefer 911)

2. Any State Fullz (Fullz with 700 or more Credit score)

3. Email that matches the Fullz First and Last Name

4.Phone Number (Google voice number or Text Now) 

How to Apply for Discover Student Loans

1. Connect your 911 or vpn to your Fullz state 

2.  First thing first visits Discover Student Loans portal : 

3. Now enter the information's below by entering your School state , School Name  and Select Graduate Loan in the type of loan section.

4.  Fill in the below details with your fullz First & Last Name, then enter the email you created with the fullz first and last name, then enter your google voice or text now number.

5. Fill the details by entering the Date of Birth and Your SSN number as appeared on your fullz, Then click on Continue

6. After clicking on continue you will be directed this, copy and save this code you receive somewhere and click on Got It ! Let's Continue.

7. This the second stage of the form, Answer like you see below.

8.. On this page, fill in the information like you see below but specify the amount you will wish to request. make sure the requested loan amount is not above 60K

9. Do the same by entering the information like below also 

10..  Now enter your country and address of your fullz, Don't check the box [ I also have a temporary or school address]

11.  Make sure to enter information like below in this section 

12. In this section fill the information like below

13.  Now in this section click on Review Disclosures.

14. Tick the check box and click on Done.

15. Again click on Review and Consent.

16.  Tick the check box and click on Done.

17. Tick the check box and click on Submit Application. 

18. Once your fullz meet their requirement you should receive Successful message. 


If you receive decline means your fullz has low score otherwise you will get a congratulation message like the above screenshot. 


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  1. Must the bank name tally with the fullz

  2. wat if ez check crack or activation key

  3. Omo there was no user id when signing up now i wanna login they are requesting for it....Whats happening

  4. Boss please can you continue the discover student loan

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