Step By Step New 2023 Tutorials On How To Load CC

I was trying to post how to open SunTrust Bank, but I will post a tutorial on loading cc (credit card) for personal reasons. You only need the credit card number; you don't need any other info. But before  I post that quick tutorial, kindly click on the below YouTube link and subscribe to my film-making channel to show appreciation. Many people sell this tutorial for $500 on the darknet and other tutorial forums.

How To Load CC

That's just by the way; let's look at the importance of loading cc to carders, loaders, and noobs.

Advantage For carders 

  •  Even if you buy live cc with a low balance from your favorite shop, you can use this method to top up the balance on the cc and then your card whatever you want ( depending on the cc limit)
  •  you don't need the Ssn or dob of cc; just the cc number is enough for this new method I am about to post. just get the cc number and send money to it
  •  If the card limit is $2k, you can even load $20k on the card ( I won't advise you to do this as this is a greedy way of making money, and you might not get lucky, and the card might backfire, so stick to the limit)

Advantage For Loaders 

• you can use this method to load cc about 4-5 times before cc will spoil as this method doesn't cast cc quickly 
• you can also use this process to load an equity line of credit (you will replace the cc number with the equity number )
• this is the same method used to load Canada cc, Australia cc, and another European cc, so it is a 5 in 1 tutorial which you can use for all jobs

Advantage For Noobs 

• Don't give your cc to any rude loader who will load and take 60%; load it yourself and take all the money
• Even if you get cc from USA :us:, Canada 🇨🇦, use the same method

Tools Needed

Good socks 5 clean and fresh IP (I prefer 911)
Hack Bank log with email access (Boa, Huntington, Woodforest, SunTrust )
Credit Card you are loading

 How To Load Credit Card 2023

1. First of all, log in to the bank log 

ogin the bank log

 2. Click on bill pay on the navigation bar like in the screenshot below :

bill pay

3. Now, on the bill pay page, scroll down to see Credit Cards on the sidebar of the page; you see the screenshot below: 

Credit Cards

 4. When you see a credit card, Click on Credit cards just like you see below: 

5 . I use a Chase credit card, so I click on a Chase.

6. Now, on the next page, write the credit card number; the name is optional, so ignore it 

This tutorial needs ONLY the credit card number to send money into, you don’t need any other info,  so even a child who knows how to do copy and paste can do this method without stress

7. Write the amount you want to load the cc with

8. Now Click on Make payment

 9. Payment finally done


Work your way out and start loading your credit cards without giving rippers the mileage. Save your time and money. 

This Article Was Last Updated on April 17, 2023


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  1. Thank you forso much for this great method

  2. Please bro i need a link to a good spammer that i can huy logs from scam is too much

  3. Please, how do I log into the bank log?

  4. Bro I need a link to buy logs

  5. Been ripped couple of a new beez plz how can buy logs with your help i bliv its will be off great help. Jah will kip on blessing nd uplifting u amen on ur bhalf.

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