Updated: MTN Ghana free browsing Cheat For SocksHttp To Power All Apps


In my previous post on free browsing Cheat, I shared a tutorial titled "MTN free browsing cheat codes with unlimited data downloads in Ghana," Which Mtn had blocked. Good news to you all: I will share a new free browsing Cheat using SocksHttp today. In the last tutorial, we used OpenTunnel, but today we will use SocksHttp. The settings will be similar to the one I shared the last time.

What you need :

  1. MTN GH Sim with 0.00 Data bundle 
  2. Open SocksHttp App [Download Here]
  3. Updated SocksHttp Script [Download Here]
  4. Android Phone (Not for iPhone users) 

How to browse with MTN Ghana for free with SocksHttp To Power All Apps

I want to keep this article simple for you all, just like the previous ones, but before anything else, kindly take a few seconds out of your time and  subscribe to my job as a filmmaker by subscribing to my YouTube Channel >>>>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDO1p_iAED4kXRNkntCLgxA.

Warning: This tutorial below is just an illustration of how to Browse the internet for free and not for any illegal use. this article is only for educational purposes, and I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

1. We first need to do some settings on our phone to get this cheat done, so first, click on Settings on your phone.

2. And click on Network & Internet.

3. Then click on Mobile Network, as you see in the below screenshot 

4. Now click on Access Point Names just like the below

5. Now in, Click on the Plus + Sign Up There

6. Now you will see Not Set in all fields, as you see below 

7. So we will only need to edit APN and Name with "mms"  as shown below :

8. Now click on the 3 Dots up and click on Save 

9. Now you should see mms configuration like below 

10. For us to be able to browse with the cheat, we need to select the mms configuration 

We are done with the first  configuration; we are now moving to how to set the  SocksHttp and how to import the Mtn unlimited data script.

11. Download and install the SocksHttp App  [click here to Download SocksHttp App ]

 12. Now Open SocksHttp App 

13. Now click on the 3 dots  icon  up there


14. Now click on import /Export, and a New pop up will show up

15. Now click on import /Configuration and locate where you downloaded and saved the Updated SocksHttp Script

16. I have located mine, so I will just click on it to import

16. Now click on Start

18. Once this pops up, it means the cheat is working


I am finally done with the Updated MTN Ghana free browsing Cheat For SocksHttp To Power All Apps; note: this cheat only works for Android users, not iPhone users; once I get cheat for iPhone users, I will post it here. Even if you have a bundle, you can still use it. They won't deduct your bundle balance. Cheers!! Please remember to support me by Subscribing to my YouTube Channel. 

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