Over the past few months, I have been promising you guys I post how to send a check to your client for easy cash out, but, honestly, time is not on my side. Not to worry, I have taken some time off my work duties, so let me do this quick.  I'm not using any screenshots at the moment because I'm not with my computer. I'm writing this tutorial on my phone. When you follow this method carefully, you should be to do this without stress.

Okay, so what is Wire Checks?

Wire Checks is the process of, Purchasing an Empty check paper from online stores and filling in the Empty check with bank logs information to a client to sign for cash out. They are many websites to order Empty checks from, Eg. websites to get empty checksunlimited.com, Deluxe checks, Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Since I have shown you guys how to use Walmart for wire checks before, let me use the Amazon website for this tutorial. After this tutorial, I will share the free Check plate for free. Let get started.

NOTE: The Below information is only for educational purposes and how check is wired through shipping I may not be responsible for any damage cost.


  1. 911 or Good VPN
  2. $10-$15 Amazon gift card 
  3. Hacked Bank logs ( with email access)
  4. Client Name First and Last
  5. Client Address

How to send a check to your client for easy cash out

1. After you've gotten all the requirement Mention above, connect your 911 or VPN  to your client state and go to Amazon.com and create Us Amazon account. 

2. After you've successful created your Amazon account,  navigate the Search Bar, and search for “Customized Checks”.

3. After searching, a lot of "Customized Checks" will pop up, some are sponsored, some are not, don't choose the Sponsored Check. 

4.Choose any of the “Parchment personal checks- Checks personalized for your checking account” (Very important)

5. After choosing, click on   “Customize Now”.

6. After clicking on “Customize Now”, you will see :

  • Personal info :
  • Bank info :
  • MICR :

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7. "In the Personal info section": Type your client name and address

8. In the "Bank info" section :Type the hacked Bank logs name and the address on the spam log you purchased from your spammer. So if the bank log name is Woodforest. Type Woodforest bank.

9. In the "MICR section":  You will type the Account Number and the Routing (An & Rn) of the bank log you are using

10. After entering all the information, click on Add to Cart.

11. After adding to cart Amazon will ask for your shipping details. Take note of this section. 

We are shipping this check to our client so we will enter the client address. Remember we fill in the client address in the personal info in step 7. Make sure it's matches the address there

12. When you finish use the gift card to pay, don't use cc else. All the work is cost 90

13.After the gift card has being redeemed, click on Continue. And Place Order.

14. Ones the check is shipped to client address, ask your client to write his name, date and the amount you want to cash out from the bank log you bought, he just need to write with a pen.

15. To make the work easy without any confused question ask client to deposit the check ATM not the bank.


Done with another demanded tutorial, Remember I don't recommend shops that sell banks logs and never contact anyone from the comment below that claims to sell logs unless you trust the person. To Download the sample check  template I shared on my channel Click Here  >>>>>. Take note : You will winrar to extract the file and Photoshop to view the Template. Cheers !!!