How To Design A Check For Mobile Deposit

If you or your client find difficulties, always visit his local branch to deposit a cashout check; this blog post is for you. It is possible if your pal bank with a financial institution with a mobile app; this was why I made an article on the Card Premium Bank Open-up Method, which will give you access to Warranty from the comfort of your home by making a mobile check deposit. In this guide, you will learn how to design a check for Mobile Deposit, so consider following each step to the end.

How To Design A Check For Mobile Deposit

What is a Design Check?

Checks Design is an online feature from the cloud-based platform that allows you to design and print personal or business checks on-demand and design them instantly.

What is a Mobile Deposit?

Mobile deposit is a service most banks in the United States offer, allowing their customers to deposit a paper check using their bank app through their mobile device.

Sources of check

When it comes to how to design checks for mobile deposits, there are 3 popular ways which are : 

I. Vendors & Autoshop: These checks are sold on the dark web in digital or hardcopy form. All you need is to print out the digital cheque and deposit

II. Paychecks: This is one of the easiest ways of getting checks; you find it in the mail, your paycheck, or anybody else's. It doesn't matter since you'll not use the same information on the check; the payee's name, date, and check number must be changed. It should be a good and recent check, not over a month old. Usually, these cheques are business or personal checks paid out to someone.

III. Cooked up from logs: This is more or less like the Vendors & Autoshop method. But people who proceed with this method are prospects who know what they are doing; it only requires a little skill, which I will teach you in this tutorial. So, let's get started...

Tools Needed

  • Spammed Bank Log ( The logs should come with account and routing numbers, account holder name, address, and online logins)
  •  The Bank You Loading Mobile App (For example, the card premium bank)
  • You will need the following details on the bank you are loading (First, Last Name and Address)
  • Address on the spammed bank log (Goggle the routing number to get the address)
  • Back of a personal bank check (You can google and download)

How To Design A Check For Mobile Deposit 2023

There are two easy ways to get this done but to simplify, you must invest in check software like Checksoft or ezCheck. But if you don't have money like me, you can cook this up with the default Paint Windows software on your PC or better use Photoshop. Either way, you are going to the above requirement. 

1. Head over to the Peshawar check website:

Peshawar check website

2. In the section where it asks for "Your Name and Address," enter the name and address from the spammed bank logs 

Your Name and Address - check website

3. Enter the name of the bank,  account, and routing numbers in the section where it says "Your Bank Information."

4. The Check No can be any 4-digit number, preferably use (0199-0299)

5. When you click submit, you should see something like this when it downloads; it comes in a PDF file. 

6. Now Zoom the PDF to 179 % and Press the Windows key + PrtScr on your PC to screenshot the check.

Windows key + PrtScr on your PC

7. Right-click the screenshot you took, and open it with Paint and crop the sides

8. You should have something like this when done cropping

9. We need to edit with our name on the bank we are loading and the amount to look like this, so let's start. (Note: All information should be in Caps.)

10. Click Text A, Change font to Lucida Handwriting or Biro Pen, and Font size 18. (If you don't have the font, download and install

11. Write the Name from the bank app here. In that case, the client's name is on the bank app. 

12. Write the date you wrote the check, something like this

13. Write the amount you wish to write on the check, but note the highest transaction from the bank logs and enter close to the amount not above the height amount else "ladie." For example, if the highest transaction history from the spammed bank logs is $10k, enter $8k.

14. Then enter the amount in words here

14. The purpose of the check can be Bill or Salary

15. With the signature, You can use small caps, but ensure you use the same font. 

16. The final result should look like this.

17. The next step is to get the back of a personal bank check you can Google and download, then make endorsements with Paint. To endorse the back of the check, Write the log owner's name; if you are doing MD, write for (bank name only), for example, for Card Premium Bank only.

Before starting with MD, read How To Fake Geolocation and Time on your iPhone. Some of these banking apps require that you access your location before you take a snap of your check.


Designing a check on your own for Mobile Deposit is simple. You need to know the basics, but If you want your client to deposit at the ATM, I suggest you use Checksoft or ezCheck software. Otherwise, save time with extra value checks or any premium website. You can leave your comment for any assistance. 


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