Update: Missouri Covid Rental Assistance Method


Base on high demand, I'm going to share this Missouri update with you guys without charging anything from you guys. This method is similar to the Florida Loan Method I posted the other time. Once you are eligible for rent and utility payment relief, Payment will paid directly to your landlord details or utility company you used.

Warning : This below tutorial is just an illustration of How Missouri Covid Rental Assistance is applied, this article is only for educational purpose, I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Just like we did for Florida Loan Method we are going to use two different fullz, One for Tenant and one for Landlord (the Landlord  fullz can be from a different state but Tenant must be Missouri Fullz ). I want to make this method simple by first applying for the Tenant. When we first apply as tenant they will send an invitation link of Recommendation to Landlord’s Email and we then also apply as Landlord. so let get started.

Required/ Tools Needed:

We are going to use two different fullz, One for Tenant and one for Land Lord (the Landlord  fullz can be from a different state but Tenant fullz should be from Missouri ) 

NOTE : Both fulz must have high score, No loan company will give loan to anyone who does not pay tax, so make sure you are using high fullz sore.

 Tenant information required

1. SSN Number

2. First and last Name

3. DOB

4. Missouri  Address information.

5.Front and back of  Drivers License/Passport/State Identification/Military Identification

6. 911 or any Good vpn 

7. Create an email matching your SSN details

8.Lease-agreement form 

9. Letter late rent form

10.Eviction-notice form

11. Google voice Number

12. Use Laptop not Mobile phone 

Missouri Covid Rental Assistance Method

1.First things first, Connect your 911 or any Good vpn  to any City of Missouri 

2. Now browse the Missouri Covid Rental Assistance website :  https://bit.ly/3GzrJAr

3. Now click on Apply Now which is the Option 3

4. On the SAFHR Renter Application Portal page, Click on Apply 

5. Since we are now applying for this loan , click on Register

6. On the register for an applicant account page, Enter First and Last of the Tenant SSN, then enter the email you created with Missouri fullz and create your own password, Then click on Create Account.(Make sure you are using Missouri details)

8. Then click on Apply again

9. An email will be sent to the email you used to create the account in section 6, then click on confirm email address

7. Click on Continue to site

9. Click on View Progress 

10. On option SAFHR Renter Application Portal, click on more 

11.Click on SAFHR  Eligibility Checklist

12.Click on yes for the questions ask. and click on next

13. Now enter your Missouri  address and enter the information like below , you have to sign 

14. In the application section fill in your information

15. Choose  race

16. Now upload the Drivers License Front and Back.

17. On the next Select Yes for the questions asked

18.Now on this page click no SAFHR section 1 : Application

19. How many members are in the household. Enter then enter "1"your  Missouri  fullz like the below.

20. Leave the member  household Aliases Empty

21.In this section do fill like the below picture 

22.Household Income Range, fill in like below

23. Now enter your Missouri ssn name and sign again.

24.Please tell us how you learned of the State Assistance for Housing Relief (SAFHR) Program using the selections below. Ans : Social media, then click on Mark as complete

25. Now click on SAFHR section 2 Financial  assistance request.

26.On the next page check the box for Past Due Rent, Then enter your address again, 
Unit type :single-family Home,
Unit size : 1 bed room

27. On the Rental Assistance page enter amount less that $2000

28. In here you will upload lease documents here. (I will provid all the document at the end of this tutorial).

29. On this page tweak the figures don't enter mine but don't cross $2k

30.Now edit and upload your Eviction document and click on Next. (I will provide all the document at the end of this tutorial).

31.Check the box from December 2020 to December 2021

32.Now on this page click no SAFHR section 3 : Application

33. Check the confirm box for all

34. Enter Ssn name again and sign

35. Answer the question and procced

36. Click on Request A Recommendation

Now with the landlord information we will need the below infomation
Landlord  information required
  1. First and last Name
  2. Different state Address information.
  3. Create different email again matching land lord SSN details
  4. W9 form
  5. Bank Account
  6. Front and back of  Drivers License/Passport/State Identification/Military Identification

so let get started

1. Enter landlord information like below

2. You will receive an email like below

3. On the next page which is the "All Recommendations" page  Click on START and fill in the filed with any fullz details

4. On the Landlord Information page, Enter first, last name, company name, email, address, but leave the phone number section empty, 

5. On the next page enter ssn number and edit and upload W-9 form, 

6. On the Tenant requesting Rental assistance, Enter the Tenant first and last name

7. Click on the Accept Button

8. Now on the payment type, I selected  Electronic Transfer, enter the name, select the bank type

9. Get an empty check and fill the details that appears on your bank account. the name should match landlord details then upload.

10. Upload Landlord Front and back of  Drivers License/Passport/State Identification/Military Identification

11.Upload Property Agreement form, make sure its edited

12. Click on Confirm and sign a new signature for Landlord and Submit.


Finally done with Missouri Covid Rental Assistance Method, One New trick I discovered with this Rental Assistance update  is that, when applying for other states, Always make sure your Landlord Profile will be accepted (Approved) then you can file as many Tenants to same Landlord since one Landlord can own several Houses. Those who can’t edit the documents can use either Formswift,Sedja,Pdffiller,AdobeAcrobat PDF editor etc. To make it very simple, Formswift is the best to edit your documents.  Please don't forget to support me by Subscribing to my YouTube Channel 

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