How To Create A Verified PayPal Account In Ghana For Free in 2022

PayPal is a  secure payment platform that is highly recommended for online transactions. Some countries are banned from using PayPal; you will learn how to create a verified account in Ghana or any prohibited country. Do you know that PayPal is one of the most important ways of receiving payments online? Only some people like to send money or pay online with PayPal, but everybody wants to receive compensation.

If you have a website or work online, you must have a PayPal account for your business. Yes, it is a "must". An online company with this account has yet to start.

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Now this is the time to create your own PayPal account. This account allows you to send, pay, and withdraw payments worldwide.

This guide can be followed by other backlisted countries or other countries with some limitations, like our Nigerian brothers and sisters who can send but can't receive. 

I have been using PayPal in Ghana for seven years now with no restrictions, and I want to share my experience with you on creating a verified account in Ghana.

 I use these steps to create it for my Nigerian friends and other blacklisted countries. Please follow this guide's actions and create a successful PayPal account today.


  • Visa card from GCB
  • First Name: Reg
  • Last Name: Collins
  • Email Address:
  • Business Name: RegCollins Tv
  • Phone Number: 0556463062
  • Date of Birth: Month/Day/Year (06/28/1900)
  • Voter ID/Passport Number: 123456789
  • Billing Address: This is usually found on your  utility (light) bill, e.g. Accra-Central-James Town, Aseidu, ketek3 mudor, Odododidoo, Greater Accra Region
Since Ghana is listed among the countries blacklisted by PayPal, we will use a different country's address. In this case, we will use the United Arab Emirates. 

How To Create A Verified PayPal Account In Ghana

PayPal is a strict company, don't use It for fraud because when one reports you for chargeback, They won't mind limiting your account. 

Again do not log in to your PayPal account on different devices and IPs. Always log in with the same IP or device to avoid them detecting you as a fraudster and placing limitations on your account. However,  when your account gets limited, you can upload a screenshot of your Votes ID or Passport as proof, and they will lift the ban. So, use a valid address when signing up for an account. Also, never use any form of proxy/VPN. Maintain your Ghana IP address.

How To create a PayPal Account to receive money In Ghana

1. Open your browser and type ---> and enter (Ae stands for the United Arab Emirates)

United Arab Emirates PayPal

2. Then click on the Sign-Up button

Click on Sign-Up on PayPal

3. Choose Business Account  and click on Continue 

Choose Business Account on PayPal

 4. Enter your Email Address here and click Continue. (make sure the email has not been used on PayPal before )

Email Address here and click Continue.

5. Enter your Password here and click Continue. (Password should include 1 number or symbol $#@! )

Password should include 1 number or symbol

6. Enter you're: First Name, Last Name and Business Name 

First Name, Last Name and Business Name

7. Change the United Arab Emirates country code (+971)  to your country code. In my case am in Ghana, so I will choose (233)

country code (+971)

8. Enter your Address information but change the Emirate to Dubai, click on Agree and Continue

Dubai, click on Agree and Continue

  • Business type, select Individuals/Sole Proprietorship. 
  • For product or service keywords, select Management, Consulting, and Relation.
  • Business URLs can be empty.
Sole Proprietorship

10. Now enter your Date of birth, Nationalist, and Voter ID/Passport Number. Then Submit

Date of birth, Nationalist, and Voter ID/Passport Number

11. After submitting your information, you will be directed to your main Dashboard


12. Check the email used to register the account. PayPal will send you Confirmation Email.

13. Click on Confirm Your Email.

Confirm Your Email

14. Enter the password you used for the PayPal Account and Confirm your Email Address.

Confirm your Email Address.

  15. Account Successfully  Created.

PayPal Account Successfully

Conclusion On How To Create A Verified PayPal Account In Ghana

We have successfully created our PayPal account here in Ghana. But, in case you are from any Blacklisted PayPal Country, you can follow the same steps to create your PayPal Account. To link your  Visa card from GCB, visit any GCB bank and request a Visa card. 

After getting your visa card, you can follow this tutorial on How to link and withdraw money from a PayPal account in Ghana. I used a different bank card (UBA), but the process is still the same.
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  1. i’m linking With FAB card but is not working

  2. Oh okay boss ... I will go for GCB visa card ... so that means i have to open an account there before or i should go in for there prepaid visa card

    1. You can get the card without opening account with them

  3. How do I link my chime account to the PayPal.
    I tried and Its not working any help

  4. This was very helpful. Any tutorial on carting phones boss?

  5. Please I tried linking GCB VISA but still declining.

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