Stoneberry Electronics Method

Thank You all for waiting patiently for this Stoneberry Electronics Method. It took me weeks to put the write-up, and if you all follow the method step by step, you can pick some information from the tutorial I am about to share with you guys below. 

In my previous article, I shared a beginner's guide to carding titled "The Ultimate Beginner and Advanced Guide in Carding Online." Anyone wanting to start carding can read that article for some information. Today's method will be similar to the previous tutorial.

Stoneberry Electronics Method

Warning 🚸 : The purpose of this article is to spread awareness about carding and other illegal activities that go on on the dark web. The information below is only for educational purposes; I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Required Tools for Carding: 

  1. A Computer or Mobile Phone 
  2. Good Internet Connection
  3. Good VPN, SOCK5 OR RDP (Important) 
  4. Credit Cards or Fullz Information
  5. CCleaner (Important) 
  6. USA or any EUROPE address (Drop)
  7. Method or Guide / Brain
  8. USA Phone Number / Google Voice/ Text Now 

I don't want to waste your time explaining the above tools to you here on this website, but in case you want to know how to use them, or you want to learn the purpose of the above tools, kindly refer to this post I did some time ago: "How To Card And How To Prevent Your self-From Rippers." 

I will explain the use of the tools listed above in a different article, so follow along. Because I have described Carding in my previous tutorial, there is no need to repeat the same information here. If you don't know what carding is, refer to this article, " The Ultimate Beginner and Advanced Guide in Carding Online."

  Steps to Follow on How to Cart  Stoneberry Electronics

You first need to remember that carding is an illegal activity, so you first need to protect your IP from leaking; this is why you need a good VPN, SOCK5, OR RDP. The use of these tools is to protect you from online tracking and tracing. So, first thing, make sure you have a premium CCleaner installed. 

Use the CCleaner to clear your browser cookies and creche. The second most important thing you will need to install is your VPN. With a VPN, you can use 911, Express VPN, or Any Premium VPN you know. 

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1. After installing your VPN, connect to either your cc state or drop state, then click on the browser that appears in your VPN. (but for this tutorial, connect the vpn to your drop state.)

installing your VPN

2. Go to this website, Check if your IP is clean and connected to your state; seeing No, No, No or, No, VPN, NO like you see below means we are safe. Secondly, check if your disguise percentage is above 70%.

We have dealt with some of the tools we will use for what we are saying today. Now, we are moving to the method. Method or Guide / Brain Just like I shared in the midnight velvet method, I will do the same for this method; I will use a website called Stone Berry, so follow along.

 3. With your VPN or Socks5 connected to your fullz state, copy and paste this link into your browser:

4 The next step is to create an account with the high score fullz; click on the drop-down menu around the sign-in to My Account. Then click on Sign In.

5. Since we are a new customer, Enter your high fullz score first name, last name, and the email matching the fullz first name and last name.

6. Click on Get Pre-Qualified.

7. Again, enter your high fullz score, First name, Last name, Address, Date of birth, and the Last 4 digits of your SSN that came with the fullz you are using.

8. Click on submit after entering all the required information.

9. Click on Start Shopping. Browse the shop for 5 to 10 minutes and log out from your Stone Berry account

10. After you log out from the  Stone Berry account. Wait for an hour or two, then log back into the account. I was going for electronics, so I selected gaming, but you can choose anything.

11. It will direct you to types of gaming products. You can select, but ensure it's within the credit score they will give you on their website after getting Pre-Qualified.

12. Based on the product, they will tear some cash monthly through the ssn, so if you use client fullz, use it wisely. Click Add to Cart.

13. I will only advise you to add something above $500 to your cart if it's your first time. This is my third time carting, so I need to be scared. Click on View Cart & Check Out.

14. Click on Check Out to proceed.

15. Note: "If the full you use is not for your client or you purchase the full. Then, you need to edit the address to your drop address. We must change it, or the item will be shipped to the full address. Click the edit shipping if you are changing the shipping address.

16. when you click edit shipping, enter the new address you wish to ship. Remember only the address 

17. In my case, I'm shipping to the client's address, so I clicked on Proceed to Payment.

18. Now enter the Date of Birth and the last 4 digits of the SSN you used from the beginning. With the monthly household income, choose an amount above $1000.

19. After you check everything is correct, click on Place Order.

20. If you followed everything correctly like I did, you should see the Thank You page like this

 21. When you see this, click it and log out from the Stone Berry account.

22. If your email, you should get this email saying, "Your order is currently being processed. Once your order is approved, your items will ship, and you will receive another email with tracking information. If you have any questions regarding your order, please check your order status."


This above method is a beginners / pro guide note. I only posted the above information to spread awareness about carding and other illegal activities that go on on the dark web

The information below is only for educational purposes. I will not be responsible for any damage cost. This method is similar to Midnight Velvet. If everything is good, the item will ship in 5 - 7 days, so keep monitoring your email, not your  Stone Berry account. 

My next tutorial will be on I will talk about AT&T and Sprint Methods. Please, the only help I need in return is for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking Here.


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  1. how to find the fullz? does it work with ccs?

  2. Bro please we only need ssn fullz or with cc attached

  3. I don't know why the Gmail address I created for the site have been suspended, so I can't check in to see my tracking number .

    1. Add number to the mail to in lock it.

  4. The above tutorial will work but in about some hours you gon see orders cancelled. Best to card this site with CC. My advice

    1. Have you actually tried with cc a d had success?

  5. If you have acct for ACH with online , only local banks. dm me 347629(4656

  6. Hello Kpoyaga pls can I buy from the bank log shop on your site ?

  7. I was given $1000 but I get order could not be processed and it canceled I don't know why

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