Montgomery Ward Method 2022
In this tutorial, I will illustrate how to shop  Montgomery Ward, so I named it "Montgomery Ward Method". With this method, I won't write much like I did for the  Stone berry method and the Midnight velvet. Along the way, in case you need to help understanding something, search for the two method Stone berry method and the Midnight velvet.

Montgomery Ward Method

Notices :

The information below illustrates how to shop on the Montgomery Ward Method; I may not be responsible for any illegal use of the information below.

Montgomery Ward's website is a multi-shop that sells many items in categories like Kitchen Furniture, Electronics, Health & Wellness Gifts & Toys, Jewelry, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories. It's just like Stone Berry and Midnight Velvet. Where you buy items on credit and pay later.
So all that I'm about to share with you now is how to use a client or Fullz to shop from this website so that the owner of the fullz or client pays it later. There are many similar websites like this; I will paste those sites later in my following method. With the required tools, just check the previous method, the "Stone berry method."
As I explained in the previous method, most carding methods come with guidelines known as a method, so we will use another way here, so follow along. 

Steps to Cart on Montgomery Ward

1. First things first, connect your 911 or VPN to the client's State 

911 or VPN to the client's State

2. Then go to this website:

wards website

3. Click on My Account and click Create Account.

Create Account on wards

4. Fill in the information from your fullz or client information

5. Continue filling in the account; if the client can give you his Catalog EZ Numberyou can enter it and click on create (If you don't have no worries skip and click Create an account)

6. If you have the Catalog EZ Number enter it here. The Catalog EZ Number can be found on the chequebook of the client.

Catalog EZ Number

7. If you need the Catalog EZ Number click on learn more like below.

8. Click on Shop Now.

Shop Now - wards

9. If you are shopping for electronics, click on it or whatever you want to shop for.

 10. You can click on the categories you want. I chose   Audio and Mp3

11. I chose that Bluetooth speaker, But you can choose whatever you want.

12. You will be directed here; wait to click on Add Cart. Wait for a while, like 5 minutes

13. Click on the 1-year Extended Protection  Plan, Then click on the Add to Cart button

14. Click on
Proceed to Checkout

15. Click on Checkout

16. Click on Continue 

17. If you are shipping to a different address, click on add new, but if you have the same address, just Click on Continue.

18. Click on an Existing ward credit account.

19. As you can see fullz owner Catalog EZ Number has been automatically added; if you don't see yours and are using client fullz, ask him to provide you with the number. Then click on Continue.


20. Click On Place order

21. On this page, you will see the Thank You page.

22. To get your order number, login into the email used in creating the Montgomery Ward account.

23. To track your order click on View order status.

24. Then click on Find Order

24. Your order shipping status will be shown here 


25. When an item is shipped, you should see this in your email


Getting thank you does not mean the item will be shipped. Item will be sent if your client or fullz owner Catalog EZ Number is active and mainly used. The item will be shipped within 3 - 5 business days if everything is done carefully. Remember, the above tutorial is just an illustration of how to order an article on credit and pay later; Misuse at your own risk. If you find this useful method, kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here. If you need to under something, comment in the comment section below.

Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. You are good person for sharing ideas freely

  2. Share your feedback here Admin will be happy solve your problems here

    1. You should have tell us from the beginning the Catalog EZ Number is compulsory 🤦🏻‍♂️

    2. How many days until they approve order? And I ordered item worth over $500 will it affect?

  3. Just tried my hands on it let’s hope for the best thank Boss man

    1. Did you have fullz EZ number or it popped up for you.

  4. If the client no get catalog EZ number how he go do get one

    1. Same question too here

    2. From the tutorial I didn't have EZ number so I did a bypass. Kindly follow am well

  5. Nice update bro,i believe your doing very well now more strength to your body.

  6. Can I use any state fullz to a deferent address??

  7. So bro even without client that is only full, with it automatically detect the ez catalog number?

  8. Have chop from all three shop only left the best buy

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