Walls Fargo Transaction Dispute Method


I got this Walls Fargo transaction dispute method from one guy in an ethical hacking group on WhatsApp, so I decided to try it with a friend's Walls Fargo bank logs. I wanted to try the whole process and understand how it works before any other thing so I requested from my telegram channel  Walls Fargo logins, but I have more than enough accounts to work with.

 I can not work on all those accounts by myself. Some feel disappointed I can't work on their accounts, so I decided to put this tutorial up so that those with the accounts, will be able to work on their own.

Okay, before I begin with the main tutorial, Note that. I won't be using any screenshots for guiding this method. I am using a friend's pc and, and I don't to him suspect anything I'm using his laptop for, so I will advise you to read and follow along, which, I guess, will help you understand the whole process well so 

What is transaction dispute ?

Transaction dispute means you are doing charge back on a wrong transaction related to a credit or debit card purchase. So this Walls Fargo transaction dispute methods simply means we are getting Walls Fargo bank account with history then we charge back on the transaction done in the account so that the money will be funded back to the bank account then we cash out and spend the money.

Now that you have an idea, of what  "WallsFargo transaction dispute" is, let's begin the method. If you follow me on telegram kindly, be careful, scammers are pretending to be me by cloning my telegram username. Note: my username on telegram is @Realkpoyaga2022. Any name apart from @Realkpoyaga2022 is a scam. 

NOTE: The Below information is only for educational purpose, I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Required/ Tools Needed:

  • 911 or RDP
  • Walls Fargo Bank logins with email access it can be client account. (Take Note : I Don't sell logs)
  • Opera Mini Browser

How to do transaction dispute on Walls Fargo 

Before I start, this method will be easy if you are using your client Walls Fargo account because at the end of the day you can tell him/her to cash out and give you your share but incase you are using hack login details then find ways and means to cash out the money. (you can use wire transfer). Now lets get started...

1.  To avoid getting problems when logging into any bank logs, make sure to connect your IP to the bank log zip code or city IP. then check on whoer.net if your ip is clean.

2. Then log into the Walls Fargo Bank logins

3. In the Walls Fargo Bank Summary page click on Checking Account (not saving remember)

4. When you click on Checking Account, You will see Activity Summary.

5. Scroll down till you see  Download Account Activity and Transaction a Dispute.

6. Click on Transaction a Dispute

7. Then click on File New Dispute

8. Transactions done in the Account will show up, Choose a transaction done within 60 days if the days transaction done passes 60 days or 2 months it won't work.

9. After choosing  transaction done within 60 days click on next.

10. On the next page they will ask you to select a dispute reason, check the box for "Charged more than once then click on Continue 

11. They will start asking you to enter Dispute details. the first question goes like

  1. Have you contacted the merchant ? Choose No.
  2. Did you sign more than one receipt ?  Choose No.
  3. Did merchant swipe your card more than once? Choose No.
12. Then click on Continue.

13.Review the information send and click on Submit .

14. If you see a Thank you message you have successfully file  transaction dispute.

15. Wait for at 3 to 4 hours hours and check if the transaction dispute has been funded to your Walls Fargo account balance.


Done !! Sometimes you buy logs from spammers then after you login there is no money inside the log you can use this method to fund the logins and cash the money out. This method is very simple and straight forward. You can repeat this steps over again but make sure the you the transaction you are choosing is within 60 days if the days transaction done passes 60 days or 2 months it won't work.  One last thing, anytime you login into any bank log make sure to disable any alert notifications go to the settings tab, and turn off all notifications. Please the only help I need in return is for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.

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  1. This has been in a existence for long and you can use any bank logs for it. Anyways good to share what you know but it’s shouldn’t always come free

    1. you should also emulate his kind gesture by sharing the knowledge for free it cost you nothing.

  2. Thank you bro for sharing, your a blessing 🥂

  3. Thanks boss bigger you always and boss is this method still working ??

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