Demand Deposit Account (DDA) Check Tutorial 2023 [Updated Method]

If you are looking for a means to withdraw funds from bank logs at any time without any advance notice, then learning demand deposit account (DDA) Check is the right way, so read to the end to know how it is done in this Tutorial. 

DDA Check Tutorial

Quick Announcement 

For some reason, I wanted to stop posting about bank jobs due to the demand for bank logs questions, like "Where can I get bank logs to buy ?, Please, can you recommend shops where to purchase bank logs? It is not a wrong question to ask where to buy bank logs, but what comes after you recommend someone to a shop where records are sold is heartbreaking. 

Since 2019, I have ended up recommending shops to people. There are a lot of shops out there that claim they sell bank logs. Some of them are fake, and some are legit. Yes, I use some because you need help to point out good or bad shops quickly. But I wanted to write about something else today. I want to post a tutorial on DDA. 

What is a DDA check?

A DDA, or a demand deposit account, is a type of check drawn on a checking account. This check is used for regular exchanges like paying bills, purchasing, or moving cash between accounts.

DDA checks can be written for any amount up to the account's available balance and used for personal and business transactions. This type of check is a safe money transfer because the funds are typically withdrawn immediately from the account when it is presented for payment.

Also, This move can be used with electronic financial administrations, for example, online bill pay and versatile banking, making it more straightforward for customers to deal with their funds and monitor their exchanges.

What is DDA check charge?

A DDA check charge, also known as a check clearing fee, is a fee a financial institution charges for processing a Demand Deposit Account check. The price is typically assigned to the account holder who wrote the review, and it varies depending on the financial institution and the type of account.

The fee covers the cost of processing the check, including handling and processing the physical cheque, verifying the funds in the account, and clearing the transaction through the banking system. Some financial institutions charge a flat fee per check, while others charge a percentage of the amount of the bill.

It's essential to inspect with your financial institution to understand their specific DDA check charges, as they may vary depending on your account type, the amount of the check, and other factors.

What is dda in clearing check?

It refers to a check deposited into a customer's account at another bank and is currently being processed for payment by the customer's bank.

A check from another bank is sent to the customer's bank for processing when they deposit it into their account. When the review is considered "in transit" or "in a clearing," this procedure may take several days. If the check clears, the funds are credited to the customer's account or returned unpaid if it bounces once the customer's bank receives the bill.

A check still being cleared and verified by the customer's bank is called an in-clearing check. The customer's bank typically charges a fee to process the clearing check. This fee may vary based on the type of account and the bank's fee schedule.

Most people get in my Inbox via telegram and ask what the difference between a Demand Deposit Account (DDA) and a Direct Deposit is. Let me explain the difference between the two.

Difference between  Demand Deposit Account (DDA) and Direct Deposit.

DDA is a method of withdrawing funds from a bank account at any time without advance notice, Option. At the same time, Direct Deposit is a means of loading funds from a bank account into prepaid cards like Movocash Card, Chime Card, Cashapp, Bluebird card, Greendot card, etc. Now that you know the difference between DDA and Direct Deposit Deposit, let's start with the topic. 

Note: The information below is only for educational purposes. I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Required/ Tools Needed:

  1. Good Sock5 or any Premium VPN 
  2. Checking Bank logins with email access (Take Note: I Don't sell logs)
  3. Drop first and last name 
  4. Drop the address (where your DDA check will be sent)
  5. Drop / Client Phone Number 
  6. Drop / Client Account Number

Step-by-Step Tutorial On How  To Do DDA Check

Once you get the above-required information, you can proceed to the main job. Please note that the Demand Deposit Account is similar to Bill Pay, so since I'm not using a screenshot guide, you can use this Step By Step on How to Run Bill Pay.

  1. To avoid problems logging into any bank logs, connect your IP to the bank log zip code or city IP. Then check on to see if your IP is clean.
  2. Login into your Checking Bank logins with email access 
  3. Click on the Bill Pay Button on the Navigation Bar
  4. Click on Add Payee
  5. Choose friends or relatives, or (in some cases, you will see Pay a Person) it depends on the log.
  6. Three options will pop up depending on the logs you are using. Select the Check Options.
  7. Then, fill in your information with the client's First and last name. 
  8. Enter the  Drop / Client Phone Number.
  9. Before entering the address, check if the required fill asks for the "Address you use to send payment. If you see that," Enter the bank logs address that came with your bank logs you bought. (If you need to know, search the address on Google.)
  10. Lastly, enter your  Drop / Client Account Number.
  11. Depending on the bank logs you are using, a code will be sent to the email access that came with the bank logs. Enter the code and continue.
  12. Once the code is confirmed, the payee (your client) details have been added 
  13. So click on  Pay and enter the amount you wish to send (you can only send between $2k to $20k)
  14. Cross-check if the details you provided are correct 
  15. Then click on Submit.


Simply, we sent a Demand Deposit Account (DDA) from a hacked bank log with funds on it into the client account directly, unlike Bill Pay, where you will send a check to the client's address. With this method, we send it to the client account. You can use any bank to receive a Demand Deposit Account (DDA).

Let me answer this question before you start beating yourself over it: Note that all USA banks have DDA options. Banks like SunTrust, Huntington, Woodforest, etc., can be used. One last thing: Turn off alert notifications when logging into any bank. Go to the settings tab and turn off all notifications. Please, the only help I need in return is for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.


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  1. Thanks boss but have questions to ask is the money going into the client bank direct or she will receive the check first and cash it out 2 can I send the money into 2 or 3 people account the same day or different days

    1. It's goes into drop or client bank account then client will only cashout that's why in step 10 you will enter client account number

  2. You are good person for sharing this tutorial. Good news is that my card for New Jersey has been shipped. Waiting to cash out something next week. I will buy you data for a wonderful work done. You are a bless to our generation

    1. It took you how long to get response after you
      file the New Jersey?

    2. My first file 7 days my second file is still pending

    3. By chance are you offering help to apply nj or Utah or any other state

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Can i send a DDA to cash app and Money lion ?

  5. I have studied the Demand deposit many times and it kind of confusing , You said the adress part where payment is going to , The adress of the bank login bought is the address to be filled in , How will the Bank know the bank they are crediting ? if all info they have is just the persons Name , Account number , How will they be able to figure the precise bank they are making payment to out .

  6. Will I put the client bank address on it or the log bank address

  7. Please can some tell me where i can buy banks logs

  8. When filling the file do I leave the drop address blank? I mean while filling for the dda

  9. Can I do dis DDA into a prepaid Debit cardcard

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