Please the below write-up is not a method nor a tutorial. The below article is a tip on how AT&T, Sprint, and Spectrum can be carded. I recently posted on my telegram channel that I'm taking orders for iPhone 13 pro for a fee of $300. Most people "to me" did not believe it, but I guess I ordered for one or two people. Reading this article, they can testify in the comment section. That is just, by the way. 

I decided to share these tips because most people want to know how these shops are carded.

Now lets me explain what I mean by this article is not a method nor a tutorial but tips. When it comes to using a technique for a particular shop, you are given bins or ways to go about the shop you want to card example, Stone Berry Electronics MethodWith tips, you need some particulars to complete shopping on a site. Most of these tips do not fit caste easily. 

Warning 🚸 : The purpose of this article is to spread awareness about carding and other illegal activities that goes on, on the dark web. The Below information is only for educational purpose, I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

AT&T, Sprint, and Spectrum Carding Tips (Postpaid)

Let's begin with the AT&T and Sprint tips. Remember, the below is not a method. I'm only giving out tips you can use to shop on the AT&T website.

1. First things first, get all your tools ready(your sock5 or Vpn, CC, and client are ready for ID verification)

2. Then go to or

3. scroll down and click on, Contact us

4. A live "Chat with us" will appear at the side of the site

5. Place your order through the live chat

6. Make your client active for at least 30 minutes or more to do the ID verification 

7. They will send you a payment form, enter the cc details and pay

8. Once payment is submitted, the sale agent will click on the authorized payment 

9. If cc is good, confirmation will pop up

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Spectrum Carding Tips (Postpaid)

1. First things first, get all your tools ready but make sure to buy state cc (get your client online for ID verification)

2. Then add the cc as auto pay 

3. Wait for at least 1 hour or two

4. Then place the order 

5. When an order is confirmed

6. Get the client active online for ID card verification

7. Once ID verification is done. 30-1hr shipping confirmation

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Remember the above tips will only work for Postpaid shopping, and make sure you get the client online before starting the process because if you delay doing the ID verification, you might mess up the whole process, and your order won't ship. You can leave all your messages in the comment section.