Rings and Necklaces Method


In this quick method, I'm going to guide you on how to order Rings and Necklaces for your client. Some gamers in the game believes buying gifts for your client increases his or her trust.  

Apartment booking and other tutorials will follow in the coming days.  I don't really know why some are still waiting for me to drop the method every time while I have given you all the basics of carding. But that will be a different topic on its own. 

I might start from the basics again, especially for those finding it difficult how to buy a credit card for moves. Let's move to the main topic of how to card Rings and Necklaces for a client.

Required/ Tools Needed:

  • 911 or any Good VPN 
  • Client Address information.
  • Zip Cc Or State CC
  • CCleaner  
  • Floodcrm.Net (Bombing)
  • TextNow or Google Voice number
Warning 🚸 : Just like I said eelier the purpose of this article is to spread awareness about carding and other illegal activities that goes on, on the dark web. The Below information is only for educational purpose, I may not be responsible for any damage cost

How to Cart Rings and Necklaces To Client

1. First things first, Clear your browser Cookies & History with the CCleaner software 

2. Connect your 911 or any Good VPN to your fullz state. Then check on whoer.net to confirm if your IP is not exposed.

3. Our target for this method is waxing poetic so browse their official website :https://bit.ly/3AUyU6w

4. Click on Create My Account

5. Click on Create Account

6. Enter first name , last name and email of the cc you purchased from your favorite shop and click on Create. 

7. Go to floodcrm.net and bomb the cc email

8.Back to the waxing poetic site, Click My Account 

9. You will be directed to this page after clicking on  My Account 

10. You can choose any of the type of Rings and Necklaces  at the navigation bar, but I chose Custom

12. Under any type of 
Rings and Necklaces you select, Choose Rings or Necklaces not above $100 for the first order.

13. You can decide to customize client name on the Necklaces (That's if you selected custom type)

 like below : 

15. Now accept the terms and Add item you chose to Bag

16. Click on View Cart and Checkout

17. Click on Proceed to Checkout

18. Enter your client address information here and click on Continue Shipping

 click on Continue to Payment
20. Scroll down to the Billing address and check the box for Use a different billing address, and enter cc first and last name, then enter the client address instead of the cc address

 21. Scroll up to Payment Section and enter credit card details

22. Scroll down and click on Pay

23. Processing your order 

24.You should receive Thank You if the card is live and your 
Rings and Necklaces will be shipped the next day or two.

Conclusion :

Done with how-to card Rings and Necklaces Method. Take note that the above write-up is only meant for educational purposes. Now take note very well, If the cc you purchased does not come with an email address, do a background check, or better still, create an outlook email matching the first and last name of the cc. Again don't copy and paste details when you are entering any information on the waxing poetic site. If you don't have floodcrm invite to register click here for and register floodcrm for  free . Lastly I only use cc from vclub, you can also purchase from any shop you prefer.

The only favor I need in return is to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you have not yet subscribed. Click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can also watch my YouTube videos for watches hours. If you don't understand anything, leave a comment in the comment section below.

Cheers !!


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    1. There is no method for that it’s just calling

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