How to Cart Cloths Method
This method is a beginner's guide. If you are trying to cart something and you continue to fail, then this method on How to Cart Cloths should be easy for you only if your card is live.

We will target a shop and hide your identity, and start work. In this guide, I will teach you how to card clothes with live cc and ship them to a client. 

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Warning: This below article is only for educational purposes. I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Required Tools 

  1. Good VPN
  2. Live CC
  3. Create an email with cc first and last name
  4. Address to ship Item to
  5. Targeted Shop

Guide On How to Card Cloths

1. To be successful in this game, always connect a good VPN to the CC closest Address and check your If your IP is clear on

2. Our target is threadless shop, so first go to the shop by going to 

3. We need create an account with the shop by clicking on Join Us 

4. Enter the First and Last of the CC and the email you created with cc details  and create account 

5. Now select any type of Cloths  you want, Your first order should not be more than $50

6. You can select your Fit, Size and Color and Add to Cart

7. Click on Secure Check Out Now

8. This is where you enter shipping address (Address to ship Item to). Click on Continue when done.

9. Click on Card

10. Enter the CC details and Place Order

11. You should get Thank you (I will upload the screenshot later, I could save it)


You don't need any Bin for this. Any state and a live card will pass through easily. You can cart again if the first order gets shipped and the card is still live you can cart more than 100$ on your next order. 

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