How To Wire a Check

This method requires commitment from your client to wire the check for him to cash out simply from the ATM. Over the past months, I have written several articles on Checks. You can find my previous article on Wire Checks Tutorial and How to Design Your Check and Mail to a Client for cash out on this blog for free. If you want to learn how to wire a check, read this article to the end. 

How To Wire a Check

In the USA, individuals keep their money in a checking or savings account, making sending and receiving money convenient. Wiring checks is one of the best ways to spend from your account. In this article, I will share one of the companies that print most USA bank checks for its customers and how we can use it to order reviews for our clients for easy cash-out without any stressing.

What is needed for a wire check?

  1. Bank Logs with Balance
  2. Client Debit Card with at least 50 bucks
  3. Name of the Debit Card
  4. Good VPN or RDP
  5. Address on the bank log (Google the routing number to get the address)
  6. Client Address that matches the address on the Debit Card
  7. Google Voice Number
  8. Create an email with the debit card's first and last name

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Disclaimer: The below article is only for educational purposes. I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

How do I do a wire transfer check?

1. First, Connect RDP or VPN to the client IP or any close state and check if the IP is clean.

Connect RDP or VPN

2. Go to the American Bank checks website and copy the link into your browser:

American Bank checks

3. We need to set up an Account on the website, so click on My Account

click on My Account

4. Enter the email you created with Client Debit Card details and enter it and click on Create Account

Client Debit Card d

5. Fill in the Client details here, enter the Google voice number and continue.

Google voice number

6. Click on Order status and Record item

Record item

7. With this Job, you can use a Personal or Business check, So click on any; I'm using a Personal check

Personal or Business check

8. Under Personal  check, you can choose any check type you want; I'm using best sellers

Personal  check,

9. You can choose any of these checks; they all work fine

10. Click on Continue to start filling up the Check

11. Fill in your drop details here and click on Continue 

here and click on Continue

12. Enter the Bank logs Name, for example, M&T, Chase Bank or Woodforest Bank, 

  • With the Bank Address, google the routing number that came with your logs, and you will quickly get the address.
  • With Starting Check Number, You can enter any 4-digit number
  • Enter the Routing and Account Number that came with your logs 
  • With the Bank Row number, Combine Routing Number,  Account Number and the 4-digit number you created for starting the check number and click on Continue.

13. Click on Continue; as you can see, it has a combined Account number, routing and the 4-digit number you created for starting check number.

14. Tick Yes for FraudAmor and click on Continue

15. Now click on Proceed to check out

16. Confirm the address again; ensure it matches the address on the debit card and the client to which you are shipping the check.

17. Click on Checkout 

18. Now enter the debit or credit card details and click on Submit 

19. Processing can take up to 5 to 15 minutes; after Successful payment, The check will be sent to your client between 2 - 3 days 

20. Make sure you review all your details before you submit

Conclusion How to wire a check 

Very Important: Be sure you are paying the design check with your client's debit card. Do not use a third-party debit card ( spammed cc). You will get declined by the system. 

This type of transaction is a Wire check and more unless like an ACH deposit through check. It will be delivered within 2-3 days business days. 

All your client has to do is write on the check the amount he wants to deposit at the ATM and endorse the back of the bill.

If you have any questions, Feel free to ask in the comment section below. If you find this helpful article, kindly support my filmmaking channel on YouTube by subscribing to my YouTube channel by clicking here subscribe.


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  1. I guess this method will be the way through, apart from client card I'm hitting hard this time around. barsss regkpo, you do all

  2. where can one get a bank logs? its really becoming a problem that after every tutorial where to get the necessary tools will become an issue, if you can help us on where we can purchase banklogs I will really appreciate it and thank you for always helping out for free, its not easy

    1. Purchasing of bank logs should be done by you. many people are taking advantage of that in ripping off people. I don't recommend shops for logs based on experience

    2. If you need a chase log, I mean I better chase log, go to

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