Complete Tutorial On How SMS Spamming Is Done
Complete Tutorial On How SMS Spamming Is Done

On my previous telegram channel, Kpoyagahack (now deleted by telegram), I shared a tutorial on email spamming, and the feedback was encouraging. Following the video tutorial will give you an insight into how spammer gets people's identity and information through spamming. 

Despite my efforts on the email spamming guide, people still want to know how people spam SMS.

Many people prefer to use SMS instead of email because experience spammers believe it's the faster way of getting a response from the victims you are targeting.

Required Tools 

  1. Good scam pages
  2. Good SMS messages 
  3. Good Bulk SMS sender
  4. Leeds (Verified Phone Numbers)
  5. Good Cpanel with HTTPS 

Before downloading this video tutorial, remember that I'm sharing this video course only for educational purposes. Abuse this tutorial at your own risk.  

Bonus, I'm also giving away free scam pages you can download from the link here. (These scam pages are created by an unknown, I purchase)

Complete SMS Spamming Video Tutorial - [Download]


The video tutorial comes with links to websites that sell tools for spamming. Use those links to purchase your tools at your own risk. I don't recommend shops for articles like this. If you have a shop that sells those tools, then use it.

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