In this article, I'm giving away spamming tools I got from some subscribers from my telegram channel. After dropping a video tutorial on SMS and an email spamming guide, some readers are finding it difficult to get some of the tools to follow the video guide. 

The tools you are about to download are all crack tools, and I will recommend you use these tools RDP or VMware.

Disclaimer: The files and this article you are about to download are only for educational purposes. I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

The downloaded file contains the below files and pages for free use : 

  1. Blockchain Page
  2. Citizen complete 2022 SC4M4 cracked
  3. HSBC Modified
  4. Letter Encrypter
  5. LinkedIn page
  6. Onedrive Page
  7. Paypal-No Captcha Full Cap
  8. Tunnelbear Checker By PJ v0.3
  9. SMS_Sender_v5_compiled
  10. Roasting.SMS.Bomber
  11. HeartSender_3.00.33. Cracked
  12. Diafaan SMS Server
All-in-one spamming tools give away  - [Download]

Conclusion :

It is advisable you extract and work the files you will download on RDP or VMware so that you don't compromise your system since these files are all crack tools shared by a third party. Use your main system at your own risk.