Updated Method: How to File Taxslayer Refund Now 2022/2023


I'm sure you know why you log on to this article; in my previous blog post on How To Use Taxslayer To File Tax Returns, I break down all the steps to file from the start to the end. The last method is no longer working as the IRS announced how it has seen an untick fraudulent fuel tax credit claims on the system. This led to the removal of Form 4136. The guide below will give you a tutorial on How to file a Taxslayer Refund Now 2022/2023.

Taxslayer Refund Now 2022

Taxslayer Refund Now 2022/2023 Method

Before I start, follow the last update on extratrendsgh.com from Step 1 to Step 15, as I won't discuss that section in this guide. The last part will guide you to get your IRS pin and other guidelines. Let's commence.

1. Browse TaxSlayer.com and click on the file for free button.

Taxslayer Refund Now 2022/2023

2. Then tap on the Continue Button.

Continue Button

3. Tick that I agree to the consent to use terms and enter the pal name.

4. Click on Continue with Simply Free

5. Skip the next page 

6. Fill in the pal details and click on continue.

7. Choose No for the Dependent or Qualifying Person (s)

e Dependent or Qualifying Person

8. Tick for "Select my form"; you can upload or enter it usually. I choose it Manually and continue.

9. Look for the 1099-R, RRB, and SSA forms and click on Edit

10. Tap Edit near Social Security Benefits/RRB-1099

Social Security Benefits/RRB-1099

11. Enter $23,500.00 for (Generally Box 5 of Form SSA-1099) and $10,500.00 for (Amount from box 6 of Form SSA-1099).

12. You will be directed to this page again.

13. Look for the Profit or loss from the business and click on Edit

14. Click on Enter Myself

15. Enter the pal address here and continue.

16. Click on Edit for General Expenses 

17. This is how to edit this page (Advertising $4350.00, Contractor labor $1340.00, Commission and fees $1230 and Supplies $5400.00

18. Gross receipts or Sale: Enter $44750.00 and click on continue.

19. Click on Continue.

20. Profit or loss from farming and click on Begin to Edit 

21. Click Continue 

22. Enter any farming you know and continue 

23. Enter these figures and their prospective places.

  • Sales of livestock and other resale items $540
  • Cost or other bases of livestock and other things $340
  • Sale of products, you raised $1450.00

24. This is how to edit this section: Chemicals $850.00 Conversation expenses $645, machine $700

25. Click on payment and estimates

26. Edit the federal estimated tax payments and click on continue 

27. Enter the box according to the number below:

  1. $35600.00
  2. $4500.00
  3. $5400.00
  4. $5400.00
  5. 5$5400.00

28. Click on Continue.

29. On the next page, click on Continue again

30. Look for the IRs pin and enter the pin under your ID.me (you read the previous method to get the pin)

31. After entering the IRs pin, click Continue and do the same on the next page. 

32. On this page, you will see the refund you are getting, then click on Continue.

33. Choose I do not wish to file my state return

34. Tab on Yes, I'm done with my returns(s) and ready to file and continue 

35. Click on File and Go 

36. Continue to proceed 

37. Click Continue on the next page to enter your bank details.

38. Now enter the bank details here: The bank name, Routing Number, and Account Number (Remember not to use Chime bank; WALMART CARD OR Greendot is recommended). 

Note: The Bank Must Match the pal details. If your client has Credit Union, it's a big deal for you. 

39. If the client files tax in 2021, check the AGI from your ID. Me and choose Yes; I have my 2021 tax return with me. Choose No; I didn't file a 2021 tax return.

40. As you can see, It's been sent, waiting for approval;

41. Profile accepted; now wait for 11 to 21 days before you start trafficking your returns 


This is the new scrope guide on How to file Taxslayer Refund Now 2022/2023 without getting any errors. Remember, if you have already filed Tax with Turbotax or used any tax software this year, You can not file this year. So when you get an error message, the fault is not from the tutorial. Let me have your feedback in the comment section if you need help. Please support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@extratrendsgh.


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  1. We that filled with the old method and got accepted, does that mean we won’t get our payment approved by irs ?

  2. I love this. But you didn't give business code under schedule c.

  3. What of us that file with turbo tax but never get paid (still in process more than 3 months now, can we file this and get paid?

  4. I did 5 on tax slayer and got approved on all five...that was 3 months ago... same with turbo.you got to file with someone who's not in the system

    1. There maybe reason you didn't get paid. Not necessary file information not in the system. Some of you may file and use banks that does not match

  5. This number 6. fill in the pal details and click on continue.
    What will be the occupation when you are filling in the personal details?

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I tried this method and filed on July 8. I just tracked the returns on July 24 today and it’s still on refund received not yet approved. What’s the issue with that? Because I waited for more than 14 days before tracking at all.

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