Format: How To Convince Client To Give You MyGov linked to ATO
How To Convince Client To Give You linked to ATO

Currently, all attention has been moved to the Australian Mygov method since the Taxlayer has issues with funding after filing, so in case you have a Pal in that country, you need to get the logins from him to file the method. In this guide, you will learn how to convince the Client to get you linked to ATO.   

Even though you can use the previous method I shared, you can also contact me so that I can link you up with my boys to file so that you can share 30k-100k in 3-5 days. So, with little said, follow the below format. 

MyGov  Format For Dating

Do you have any Government Profile in your country?

If the Client asked, What do you mean?

I mean anything like a Government confidential profile in your country like linked to ATO or Centrelink.

If yes.

Do you have ATO or CENTRELINK?

If Yes on anyone available?

( ATO is the highest pay tax refund claim while Centrelink is a low tax refund claim but very fast in payment, but all based on the Australian Client's credit score in processing.) 

I just got a contract from a Company. I received a call from them not quite long ago; this is a company I applied for an application job with a long time ago. 

Baby, this is worth a million deals, and I was told to get my spouse or partner's info in Australia or any country they are from to enable them to affirm if they can deal with MS as a Married or responsible person.

All I thought was you, baby, 🥰🥰🥰🥰❣️ .

Hold baby, let me get a call from them to get hold of what is needed. A mins babe 

( After some mins ) : 

They seek MyGov details so they can process my application, baby. 

: ( Assure the Client that you told the Secretary in charge of the application deal through a phone call that you said to them that your partner is an Australian or is in Australia.) 

In case you are not an Australian Or faked another country to your Client?

Assure the Client they seek vital details of my partner document from any country they are 

( For her to comply with the scope )

They requested the ID or DL of my  partner in a particular country and my baby ( Australia )

They might call you anytime soon.

They requested Government proof of the person in a particular country. 

So, baby, you are the only person I can trust on this million-dollar deal of mine, OK?

If you want any sharing or percentage from the deal, I'm ready to give you 20% or any rate you wish to remit from the company disbursement. 

‌All I need is to trust you and have your cooperation for them to disburse payment through your MyGov, your bank, or mine; I want them to be assured of who I am dealing with as a partner. That clarifies understanding in my work moves with them, honey. This Company has terms and conditions on all deals with workers due to domestic violence and sanctions for any worker's marital failure.

Baby, to fulfill this application, I solely need your MyGov logins to give the Secretary in charge for the Secretary to access the necessary information for the application.

If they complied

Collect the logins and confirm that it's online access linked to ATO or Centrelink.

FMT:  You can download the MyGov generator code to link the MyGov to control the code for check-ups and earlier or later disbursement.

(With this, you don't need a code from the Client, but follow up and tell them that the Company is working on It until you get the tax refund paid for the MyGov.)

Tell the Client it's the Company working on it.



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