How To Create a DCU Accounts for 2024 Cash out.
How To Create a DCU Accounts

DCU is up and people are cashing out big. But setting up that account can be tricky.  I guess many people have limited knowledge creating It especially if your pal is new to it. So in this guide, You will learn how to create a DCU account for fast cash out in 2024.


Ensure all the below details is real and not fullz. It should be client details. Guide pal to do it, unless you have strong IP.

  • SSN
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number 
  • Address

How to Create a DCU Accounts.

1. Copy and paste this link to the client :

2. Tap the 3 lines of the left corner, then select join press

3. Click on Checking Account.

4.Tick on every option you see except for "basic overdraft" and "decline"

5. Then click on Continue

6. Enter email and phone number and click the continue button

7.Enter details like name, address, employer name and SSN

8. On the eligiblity page, Select "I live, work, or attend school in one of these communities."

9. Accept the terms and conditions by ticking it's boxes. Note ( Before you can tick any box you need to open the link behind the box and clock it to enable you to continue the next page.

10. Once you finish, the following will ask you for funding. 

Type $1,400 for the primary, savings account and routing .

11. Then on Verify Now and that's it. You are done. 


After successfully creation, take the login details and paste it in my DM on Whatsapp or telegram let's share funds. Take note: This move cost so 60% for loader 40% for account owner. Let's break bread. 


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