POF Sign-up Method For Android Users


POF Sign-up Method For Android Users

If you are into the online hustle (chatting with clients) and need a pal to catch up with, this POF Sign up Tutorial  for Android users will be the best option to start with. We are ending 2023, and it will be good to register this dating site for yourself; even if you don't want to chat with clients, you can set up this account, sell them to the boys, and make some cash for yourself. 

Tools Needed For POF Sign-up

To set up this account almost for free, you will need the following:

  1. U.S.A. Number (You can use Textverified or talkatone) 
  2. OpenVPN for Android
  3. OpenVPN server
  4. P.O.F. (plenty of fish) apk

POF Sign-up Tutorial For Android Users

1.  First, go to the Play Store and download (Openvpn for Android) and also  download (OpenVPN server) 

download Openvpn for Android

2. Google and Download a POF(plenty of fish).( If you don't reside in the U.S., Plays tore will allow you to download it.)

Download a POF

3. Install both OpenVPN and the server app you downloaded from the Play Store and open OpenVPN for Android

OpenVPN for Android

4. Minimize your phone and go for the second VPN, which is (the OpenVPN server) you will see an icon-like circle at the left side edge of your phone. Click it and wait till everything is finished.

5. Select U.S.A. location -.Notice:- some locations always show red or yellow dots. Don't go for that. Click on the one that shows a green dot, then Press connect.

 6. Wait till you see the VPN logo on top of the screen 

7. Open up Google Chrome and go to Whoer.net to check your I.P. looks all green

8. Open Chrome Ignition mode and create your account on the P.O.F. website.

9. Once done, download the P.O.F. app and log in with that VPN.

10. Remember to always use OpenVPN to access P.O.F.

Link For POF download

There are thousands of places to download the POF app, but the best place to download without a virus is the Plays tore or filehippo.com.

Which VPN can I use to open POF?

There are plenty of VPN you can use to open POF but if you are looking for free one's, You can use the following: 

  • OpenVPN for Android
  • OpenVPN server


If you don't have cash to purchase a number for verification, you can use virtual numbers, but ensure they are not in the U.S.A. or C.A. You can easily get client on POF for your online dating needs. If you have issues creating it. leave your comment I will respond. 


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