11 Causes Of Decline Of a Valid Credit Card


Many believe that if CC was declined, it is not valid, although this happens for other reasons in most cases. If you use a checker, it will issue codes 00, 05, 51. This means that the reasons for the decline are not related to the validity of the CC. To better understand why this is happening, you must know what a merchant account is. Most do not even know about its existence.

A merchant account is a transit account opened by a bank seller, allowing you to accept payments using bank cards. Opening a merchant account, the bank agrees to pay the seller for properly made purchases in exchange for withdrawing money from buyers' accounts in issuing banks.

Causes Of Decline Of a Valid Credit Card 

For a limited period, any citizen in the United States can open a merchant account unless he has the required documentation. Many businesses accept merchants; the payment terms for debit and credit cards vary based on the company. They are very competitive; this is a full-fledged business. The merchant account is responsible for approving or rejecting payments. What are the factors behind the drop of valid CC?

No money. There is no necessary amount (if a debit card) or a balance limit (if a credit card). For reference, in case money is on a credit card, it is not always possible to spend everything at once; most often, it is possible in parts, and sometimes part is the balance. The checker shows the code 51.

What can be done:

  • For a debit card, wait for the holder to deposit money.
  • For a credit card, wait until a new amount of money becomes available.
  • Buy CC and try again.

2. Ban on international transactions, i.e., the holder quietly spends money within his country but cannot pay it abroad. Some banks impose an automatic prohibition, and holders do the same. Theoretically, you can lift the ban instead of the holder. The checker shows the code 05.

What can be done: 

Use CC in the country of the holder—Buy a CC that is suitable for you.

3. Error merchant account. The checker shows the code 00. This means that the CC is valid.

What can be done:

 Use the CC in another store.

4. Merchant accounts do not accept cards from certain countries; your card is from this list. The checker shows code 00 or 05.

What can be done: 

Use the CC in another store.

5. Errors while filling in data. Sealed with date expiration, etc. The checker shows the code 00, an entirely valid CC.

What Can Be Done:

 Check that the data is filled out correctly.

6. Merchant account works with 3d-secure (VBV) and rejects all transactions from cards that do not support it. If you find CC no VBV, you can not pay. The checker shows code 00.

What can be done: 

Use the CC in another store.

8. The bank does not allow payment, as the merchant account and its activities are not approved by the legislation of the country of the holder (for example, most US banks and poker sites). The checker shows code 00.

What can be done: 

Use the CC in another store—Buy the CC that suits you.

8. The bin is dead, and the merchant account immediately rejects payment. It happens that a particular bin works well in any store, and this becomes known to a large number of carders. 

Merchant account sees that carders work with this bin and block it. The checker shows code 00, CC valid.

What can be done: 

Use the CC in another store.

9. Merchant account sees that use VPN. The checker shows code 00. 

What can be done: Use the CC in another store. Use another VPN.

10. Problems with IP address: does not match state-city-country; socks on the blocklist. The checker shows the code 05.

What can be done: 

Use the CC in another store. Use the appropriate IP address.

11. Holder/bank limits the number of transactions (for example, the student's parents are monitored for money). The checker shows code 51, CC valid.

What can be done: 

Buy a CC which is suitable for you

Another way to check if your card is live or dead is to use the card on donation platforms or buy porn. Subscription. For example, go to https://donate.esn.org/

2. Then click on Donate.

3.Change the currency to the dollar.

4.Choose any amount you wish to donate. You can even make custom donations like 1$ 

5. Enter your name and email.

6. Now, enter the card details with the zip. Then click on donate.

7. If you receive Thank You, it means the card is live. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you will see the balance on the card.

Note: Use these information for educational purposes only. Abuse it at your own risk.


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