How To Get an e-sim Number Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

This step-by-step guide will show you how to get an eSIM number online. This will give you the flexibility to connect worldwide without high roaming costs. But before we move further, ensure your device is compatible with eSIMs. This technology is now available in many newer phones. Still, this tutorial will look at how to do it on iPhones with carrier networks like AT&T USA, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon.

The platform we will use for this method allows you to choose from many data plans for different countries or areas. Plans start at 1 GB for seven days and increase for those needing more data and time. After you've chosen a plan, it's time to buy it. You'll fill in your info and pay. Then, you'll get a QR code. This code will set it up on your device.

iPhones that support esim

Before you buy an eSIM, make sure your gadget can use it. To check that, go to your device's settings. Find the section for eSIM or Cellular. There, you'll follow some steps from your seller. However, here are some compatible iPhones:

  1. iPhone XR  
  2. iPhone XS  
  3. iPhone 11  
  4. iPhone 12 
  5. iPhone 13 
  6. iPhone SE (2nd generation),
  7.  iPhone 14 and later 

Key Takeaways

  • They are the easy, global way to stay connected without a physical card.
  • They have data plans for over 120 countries, perfect for travelers and remote workers.
  • Setting it up  is easy, thanks to detailed guides and support at any time.
  • It save space and help the planet by cutting down on plastic SIM cards.
  • You can choose from various plans to fit your needs, from prepaid to data-only.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM stands for embedded SIM. It's a digital card built into devices like phones, tablets, and smartwatches. Having it, you don't need to change a physical SIM card to switch carriers or plans. You can do it all online.

Benefits of Using an eSIM

An eSIM has many advantages. You can swap carriers or data plans without a physical SIM card. They also work worldwide without roaming fees. Plus, your device doesn't need a SIM card slot, which helps the environment by using less plastic.

How To Get an e-sim Number Online

1. First, head over to this site:

2. Select it depending on the country you want, but I'm using USA e-Sim as an example.

3. You can choose any data plan here, depending on your budget.

4. You can also do the same thing for Talk time minutes.

5. If you are using cc from shops, fill in the30 Name of the credit card here and also create an email with cc. These things don't charge much, so it is easy for an excellent CC to work.

If you are using CC from shop, get this bin 443044  or  435546

6. Choose the Credit card option, but if you have PayPal, it is too cool.

7. Now proceed to make payment; you can type the credit card information.

9. Once everything is done, check your email to finish the process by scanning the QR code.

Steps To Get T-Mobile eSIM

  1. Connect your VPN to client drop or any US state
  2. Download the T-Mobile App on your phone
  3. Click on Try T-Mobile 
  4. Tap on What should expect
  5. Then click Next for three steps ahead
  6. Click Check Eligibility 
  7. Tap on Setup Network Pass
  8. Use your drop name and address (you don't need SSN). For the phone number, enter any random USA number; it can be Google Voice.
  9. Click on Start Now to finish up the setups.
  10. At the sim status section, click I know my sim status. That's if it's showing. 
  11. Click on eSIM is available 
  12. Tap on Connect My Phone, and that's it 

Note: eSim will appear on your phone using the Name of a local network; in Ghana, for instance, people mostly use Telecel networks, so if your location doesn't have an excellent Vodafone network, you will find issues with it. Nigeria and other countries too have their local network that the eSim will take


Getting an eSIM number online is easy and handy. With this, there is no need to buy Google Voice or any void number again, and chatting with clients will be easy. However, you must service the number by purchasing date and talk time to keep the number active.


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