AT&T e-SIM: How To Activate Free on iPhone

Getting an e-sim on your device can be advantageous as an iPhone user. But before we move further, what is an e-SIM? It is a digital SIM card that lets you use multiple phone numbers on one device without swapping physical cards. Our simple guide will teach you how to activate your at&t e-SIM, with extra benefits like unlimited talk time.

AT&T e-SIM: How To Activate Free on iPhone

The benefit of Getting an e-SIM

  • It gives you 100% disguise (You don't need to buy a VPN or socks again.)
  • No more app number (You get free real USA number)
  • No wasting cash on bundles
  • You also don't need to worry about losing or damaging your SIM card.

What You Need

  1. iPhone XR and above
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Your Phone Imei and EID
  4. Bin: 400226

How to activate AT&T e-SIM A Step-by-Step Guide

Before you begin with whole process, ensure your iPhone is not blacklist nor stolen. To check if your iPhone is clean, Go to this website:

  • Enter the phone imei, solve the re-captcha and click on Check

iPhone is not blacklist
  • The result will be shown like this, if it blacklist, like the below, don't waste your coin on cc

Once you have everything ready, go to Settings > Mobile Data on your iPhone. Tap Convert to eSIM

1. Then open your browser on your iPhone and visit this site:


2. Scroll down and see "ICCID/SIM AND EID NUMBER."

3. Switch to EID Number, then go to your phone --> Settings -->  General--> About and look for your EID and IMEI; take note of the last four-digit number of the EID and copy the number of your device's IMEI.

EID of att

4. Return to the AT&T activation site, enter the last four EID numbers, and paste the IMEI.

6 This Zip code determines the number AT&T will give you. For example, you put New York, which is 10013. you will be offered that state number. (You can use any state zip code you want.)

7. Click on Continue if the information is entered

8. Then click on Activate One Device 

9. Choose any package.

 10. Scroll down, turn off auto pay, agree to the term and click on continue

11. Enter your email address and click on Next.

12. Ensure you have Convert to e-SIM on your device, then check mark this section and click on continue.

13. Now, select a payment method; I will go for a credit card.

14. Enter your cc details and click on continue.

15. Click on Activate.

16. It will pop up on your phone within  a minute and then you're ready to go.

e-SIM number


If your credit card lives with funds, you are good to go. However, if you want to avoid taking the risk, I can be your plug for only $35, which comes with unlimited data and calls. You can connect me on Telegram @realkpoyaga2022 if you want me to help you get one. For T-Mobile users, comment if you want to see how to get e-sim activated. cheers !!


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