After my article on How to make money as a freelancer in Ghana, I made mention of freelancing gigs where I talked about Blogging and how you can make money as a blogger as one of the main things I do to make money online. 

When we talk about blogging, one of the key things we target is how we can make money from our writing skills that come with Google AdSense Approval. Now getting Google AdSense on a website is a bit stressful but a good one.

Google AdSense has quickly become one of the most effective ways for site owners and bloggers to monetize the content on their website. 

Since Google has got millions of advertisers already buying traffic through pay per click marketing in the search engine, AdSense also allows site owners to display these same advertisers on their sites while earning a commission in the process.

In this article, you will discover how to get the most out of Google AdSense and see what's working best for site owners and bloggers today. All I am are going to share with you guys is how to get AdSense approval for your WordPress or Blogger website.

One of the main reasons why I got disapproved by Google AdSense was that I don't like reading which I think you will also not follow my previous mistakes. so kindly put the lazy approach of reading aside and read this article and very sure after completing this course and putting them into practices you will be able to get approval for your WordPress or Blogger site for sure.

if you are not getting approval for your WordPress or Blogger site then, you are in right place. You will learn everything you need to know to get approval from Google AdSense because I also suffered from the time I was also not getting approval but after I took several courses and watching YouTube videos on how to get it. I can boldly say after reading and putting the steps I am going to share with you guys you can get approval from Google AdSense so without much I do let's get started.

How to get Google AdSense Approval for WordPress and Blogger

Okay, so just like I said earlier one, of the main reasons I got disapproved by AdSense, was that I was not reading and doing the right thing required by Google AdSense so if you want to get AdSense Approved just follow the below steps.

 Lack of Content : When I started blogging, I took it for fun. I write anything on my blog thinking, I'm sharing information out there but,  I found out that it's one of the laziest approaches towards blogging. To get Google AdSense you need to get good and quality content on your website with at least 20 articles with 500 words or more with minimum traffic 100 to 150 visitors daily.

Work on Your Pages: When I say work on your pages, I'm referring to the navigation bars on your website. To get AdSense approval, one of the most important things you need to check is your "About-Us" "Privacy Policy" and the "Contact us" page. You need to write what your website is about in the "About us" page, you can check another website that has gotten AdSense approval pages to know what you can write on your pages. the same goes for "Privacy Policy" and the "Contact us" pages as well.

Add your website to Google Console : Another most important thing you need to do is to add your website to the google search engine so that google can recognize your website and also get some traffic from google search engine. I will also advise you to add sitemaps to your website as it provides information on your website and the relationship between your blog or your site. In this way, Google AdSense can check if you are violating any of their terms of use. You can do more research on YouTube on how to add your website to Google Console and how to add a sitemap as well.

Clean blog theme : For those who have been on this blog for a while now knows, I am using a different blogger theme because at first, I was using a free template that has got many limitations that cost my AdSense approval, I'm not saying you should get a premium theme or template but, you can get a simple, and clean template for free by doing some research. Remember to keep the sidebar of your blog simple and free. As you can see, my sidebar looks simple. Keeping the sidebar simple make the speed of the website load fast.

Make Your Social Media Accessible :  Previously  I did not take the social media tab optimization seriously. but, after a series of research, I found out that AdSense couldn't access all those tabs on my website. So make sure to link the social media tabs on your website before submitting your website for Google AdSense.


Avoid Copyright Content:  Avoid copying other people's content. When I started blogging, all I do is copy and paste other people's content from their website because I did not know what blogging is all about, but after a series of learning and research. I started developing the act of writing my content. Copying and pasting content is not only limited to people's write up but also using images from google. Avoid the uses of google images on your website. You can make use of Grammarly for your content writing. You can google how to get free copyright images for your blogging Career. 

After I got to know that Copying content from others goes against AdSense policies, I deleted the entire blog article and I started a fresh blog articles. I got my approval within three weeks.


The above steps got me my Google AdSense approval in three weeks after six months of try and error. If you are violating or missing any of the above. Kindly go through your website and solve these issues as soon as possible. If you have any questions, kindly leave it in the comment section below, and also, if you enjoy this article kindly, like our Facebook Page and don't forget to share.