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Just like I  promised you guys the last time, I will drop the Edd method without taking anything from you guys. I have seen many people on telegram saying, "Come for Edd source for $200". If you decide to go and buy it, then it's your own cup of tea. Now, I'm going to walk you through this simple method.

Before I begin, take note of the below carefully :

I will divide this tutorial into two sections. The first tutorial is for those with the old profile, but Edd stopped paying them. The second one is for those who want to file as new profiles; with this, you will need verifications from your client, both id.me and video proof. So, let me start with the first one, where you will only edit your documents.

  1.  This method is not for new subscribers 
  2.  This method is for people with an old Edd account
  3. This method is not for people who got disqualified 

Okay, so now let me start the process. this method is not like the first method I posted on my channel; with this method, we are going to use "UNCASHED BENEFIT PAYMENT CHECK OR UNCLAIMED ELECTRONIC BENEFIT PAYMENT CLAIM FORM." Don't be scared because we will use Document for this Updated EDD method.

Updated EDD method First Method (For those with old EDD Account)

Required Tools

  1. Fullz was used for the old Edd 
  2. Random Fullz with a good score

With the 2022 Updated EDD method, you don't need tools like VPN or ID.me, etc.; you will need a client to print this Document after editing and submitting it. Now that you've understood this, let's get started. Remember, this tutorial is not meant for people who were disqualified during the EDD filing. After this, I will post the second section, where you will file from the beginning to the end.


2. After Downloading, we will need to edit these Documents 

Updated EDD

Now, let me work you through how to edit these blank documents. Just follow the below. 

3. On the first page of the blank edd form, you will see Claimant Information; in this section, enter the fullz information you used to file the old edd.

4. At the Attorney or Representative Information section on the blank edd form, Enter the Random Fullz with good score information here.

5. At the Claim Information section, follow as you see in the screenshot below and file it like that. 

6. In this section, Notice and Signature, you must sign and enter the date you filed this form.

7. Once you are done filing the above information, just ask your client to print this Document and submit it to the address below:

Employment Development Department
Stale Dated Warrant
PO Box 2588
Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-2588

Updated EDD method second Method (For those filing fresh)

Okay, this is the tutorial section where you are pointing out everything from start to finish; I won't use screenshots along the way, so follow along. With a tutorial section, we will need tools to get this done. Remember the first one? We did not use ID.me nor vpn or anything, but with this, we are going to need them. So, let's get this done real quick.

Tools needed

  • Complete fullz with a high score 
  • Good vpn or 911
  • Computer or Phone

1. First thing first, connect your VPN or socks is connected to your drop State 

2. Now visit the edd unemployment benefits portal: edd.ca.gov

3. Scroll down, then click on claims

3. A new page will open; scroll down to the Unemployment Insurance Section, then click on File For Unemployment - Overview

4. On the new page, scroll down or navigate the  Register and Apply sections and Register and create an account.

5. Now, after creating a new account, log in to the account

6. Click on "File a new claim" because it is your first time filing for this benefit

7. On the new page, You will be asked some questions like: Did you work in another state or in Canada in the last 18 months

Check the box ( No )for the questions there.
 Expect the 6th question that says ( Have you filed an unemployment benefits insurance claim in California in the last 18 months) 

Check the box Yes for this. 

8. Once you are through with the above, a new page opens again; this time around, you need to put the SSN information you are using

9. Once you finish the above, continue to the next page. Here, you will ask for your driver's license; you can enter any fake driver's license information here 

10. Then select the state you are applying in as the ID state

11. Now in here, put your SSN address information here, 

note( Don't use a different address info apart from the SSN osn)

12. Now, there are two different categories here

I. Citizenship Information 
 ii. Statistical information

The answer for the Citizenship Information should be (yes)

The answer for the Statistical information (Bachelor degree) ( No) (White, Not Hispanic) (No)

13. Then click on Next

14. Under the Employment History, Tick the box (No) for that question

15. For Any information regarding previous employment, asking if you worked at some places, just choose ("No.”)

16. What type of work do you perform?

 Answer: select anything concerning self-employed like Designer

What type of work can you perform?

Answer: Designing 

Questions number 3 - 5 select (No)

Questions number 6 and 7  Select (Yes)

Depending on your work, you write what you can do, like logo designing, logo printing, etc.

Questions 7b tick the box (Yes)

Questions 8 tick (No)

17. If you have any questions regarding compensation from work or wages or allowances, Just choose "No." let them think you are not getting anything at home and that COVID-19 is making u broke and hungry, so u need their assistance

18. If they ask you what type of disaster has caused your unemployment, just choose COVID-19


Finally done with the "Updated EDD method 2022". For better understanding, I divided the tutorial into two parts. The first part is for those who have old edd profile but edd stopped paying, or it is an old profile but you did not get paid, so we filed a document to add to know that they've stopped paying or did not pay. 

The second part of the tutorial is for those with no profile on edd; with that, you will need a good ssn score (700+) to file it, plus additional verification like id.me video call proof. Note you can file with any state details. If you can convince your client to bypass all the verification, then Good luck !!!! Please remember to support me by Subscribing to my YouTube Channel.

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  1. You're just the best nothing but the best even without having deal with you I can still vouch for you anywhere God bless you more boss

  2. Thanks for method brother. You are a real one.

    Do we choose attorney or representative?

    also what do we put for benefit amount? can we put higher than they received last time they did edd?

    1. Let me know which section u are referring to

    2. Referring to the first method for people who had edd before

      Should we put the fullz as "attorney" or "representative"

      for benefit amount should what amount should we put? can we put a higher amount than they received on their last edd card?

      Appreciate the help brother

    3. Referring to the part that says "relationship to client"

  3. You can enter any both will work fine

  4. Thanks your giving so much value tutorial.

    How can we complete id.me video call proof?

    And what do you mean "your client" in the method.?

  5. Pls for those of us without clients or these details, is there a way to go about it?? Also, seeing as I don't have any client, which of this process would you recommend for me to start making money. Pls I'll appreciate your advice cos I need to make money this year and finding clients hasnt been easy for me. Thanks>

  6. If I have backdated my EDD acc before can I still backdate it again

  7. Bro please can you post backup tutorial

  8. I followed the process and the Covid-19 option is not showing at all. That’s the major problem am facing now. Have tried it so many times, it’s not showing the Covid 19 option. It only shows.. Agric pest, Earthquake, Fire, Flood, wind etc. what is the way out plz

  9. Do we need to fill and sign the forms digitally or client needs to print the form and fill it out with blue pen please???????

    1. Fill the form digital and send it to client for print

  10. brothers for the "unpaid claim form what benefit amount do I put for the section "Dollar amount of benefit payment?

    Whats the max can we put? or are we supposed to put the exact amount they received last time?

  11. Hello sir thanks a lot for the tutorial you're doing wonderfully well...
    Please can I use the second method to file with details that is not California?

    1. You can but after testing the two I mean California and non California address, the California address gave me results while the non California gave me zero claims, maybe I did something wrong but I will advice you use California address. Cheers

  12. Greetings Sir, first I would really want to appreciate you for your time, God bless you.

    Sir, please I have 3 Profile that I don’t receive Card, and I have $22k on each, what did you advise me to do.

    Or should continuing with the first tutorial.

  13. I followed your instructions but my profiles are none California infos so I used the infos address hope it will give me results

    1. Did you get complete claim balance or 0 balance?

  14. Sir, please for new profile can I use any California address for mailing then use Fullz address for resident address or I would us California address for resident address that client address as mailing address, because am using LA and NC fullz. Please advice so i can continuing

  15. Pls any one who can help with the site to purchase fullz with high score (700)

  16. for the fresh filers , number 6 asks if you filed unemployment in the last 18 months , you said yes . did you mean no ? just asking

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  18. Did anybody get paid with this method ?

    1. Use California fullz else u go chop 0.0 claims

    2. Did and new account 2 days ago waiting for Edd to process it and I’m also about to send the docs from the first method for backpay from olds I will keep you posted I also think he said he ain’t answering no more EDD questions on his Telegram

  19. So how does the first method go after you sent out the letter , am I waiting on a new card ?

  20. I applied for a new claim I use Florida info but at the end I got 0 claim balance why?

    1. Have to use cali Info for better results ig

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