(Updated) Get Winscribe VPN 30GB for free


If I am to name my top 10 best VPNs, I can't exclude this powerful VPN called Windscribe. According to Wikipedia, Windscribe is a commercial VPN service provider with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS applications with support for routers and other platforms via custom configurations. Yes, this VPN is right.

Get Winscribe VPN 30GB for free

So today, I will share how you can get at least 30 Bandwidth Usage from Winscribe VPN 30GB for free; if you want to know more about Windscribe, Check their website for more information. If you have the money, you can upgrade your account status from free to pro version, which helps you unblock all servers. For you to experience Windscribe VPN, I will share how to get 30GB for free.

How To Get Windscribe VPN 30GB for free.

Step 1: First thing, click on this link ====> https://bit.ly/35AGuG3

How To Get Windscribe VPN 30GB for free.

Step 2: Navigate the login button and click on Sign Up

login button

Step 3: On this first, scroll down and click "Have a Voucher?"

Have a Voucher - Winscribe vpn

Step 4: Now enter your Username, Password, and Email, enter any of these "KOSNAGOO," "YIHAKURI," or GIFTCODEVoucher codes, and click Create Account.

Username, Password, and Email

Step 5: You will be directed here. Click OK, and the Conformation link will be sent to the email you used to create the Account.

Step 6. You will be given 2GB Bandwidth Usage, which is different from our target. You can check the date to confirm it is accurate.

Step 7: To get the 30GB Bandwidth Usage, Click on confirm in your Email (for 10GB).

Step 8: After successful confirmation, Click on My Account.

Step 9: 30GB has been credited to my Bandwidth

Step 10: Download Windscribe VPN software or app and log in with the details you used for the registration.

Step 11: Connect the IP you want after logging in to the Account. (I connected to Miami)

Step 12: Now let me confirm if the IP I connected is clean by checking it on whoer.net.

confirm if the IP I

Winscribe voucher 30gb 2023



 It's good to try any VPN before purchasing it, so getting access like this from a top rating like VPN Windscribe will help me decide if I should maintain it or get a different VPN. With 30GB Bandwidth from Windscribe, you can use this Bandwidth for 10 months without paying anything. Your Next Reset Will be a month from the day you signed up for an account. 


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