How to Make International Label For Shipping With Bitcoin

Are you looking for ways and means to ship your carded item from your whitehead to your country but need help finding it? This post will elaborate on how to do an international label with Bitcoin by picking your goods from  Germany, the USA, or Canada.

You can even use this same procedure to send a design check to your client's address for you or move a letter from one place to the other. From what I know, many people prefer using FedEx, but I use the other way around, but in case you prefer the FedEx method, leave your comment so that I will post an article on that. 

How to Make International Label For Shipping

What is International Label Shipping?

It is a process whereby you get your purchased product shipped to your country's address at a fee. For example, after dropping the tutorial on How to Cart iPhones With Fullz On At&t, many asked about the process they will use to get their item to Ghana or Nigeria after the phone goes to the client's address.

You will use a label website to go and pick up the item from your drop to your local country. There are a lot of websites that offer label shipping, but in this article, we will use Bitcoin postage. With this website, we don't need a credit card. We only need our Bitcoin, the address we will pick it up from, and where to send the package.

International Label For Shipping Tutorial

1. Google the Bitcoin postage website and click on the first link

2. This is how the page looks like 

3. Currently, this website POSTAGE TYPE is United postal service, Canada Post and Deutsche Post, So if you are labeling from the USA, choose the united postal service.

4. Check the website you bought the product from, the weight, and all the information you will put in this section, are there

5. In the From section, enter where your client is or where the item is shipping from, and in the To section, enter where you want the thing to go.

6. You can choose any depending on the item you are labeling or shipping 

7. enter the item's quantity and description and click Add. Enter the name labeling and click on Go 

8. Depending on the weight and the price you will see, click on add to cart

 9. Click on Checkout

10. Now enter your email and choose Bitcoin or Monaro and click on Place Order

11. The payment page will pop up, copy the exact amount in Bitcoin you are paying and pay

12. Wait for the number of days you choose in step 8 to get your item delivered


If you card something from any shop to the client, and the client refuses to ship the item, you can use this method to get the item to your country. I use this method whenever I want to wire check. If you want me to write an article on how to do FedEx international labels, you can comment, "Drop the FedEx method."


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  1. How can I use it to move check

  2. So with this method will agents go to the client’s house and take the item or you’ll have to send the client an email of the label for him/her to print and put on the item?

  3. Drop FedEx method

  4. Drop FedEx method and thanks for giving up endless updates and guidance. God bless🤝🏾

    1. You can get the FedEx method here :

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