How To Apply For Employee Retention Credit

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is IRS's last significant coveted relief program designed to help businesses retain employees during difficult times. You can claim up to $26,000 for each employee on the payroll. In this article, I will guide you through how to apply for the Employee Retention Credit and provide essential information to ensure a smooth application experience. 

How To Apply For Employee Retention Credit

For easy understanding,  You will learn all the eligibility criteria, calculate the credit amount, and complete the necessary forms. You can use this beneficial program to support your business and workforce.

What is ERC?

The employee retention credit ERC is a redeemable credit that businesses can seek eligible, qualified worker wages, including some healthcare costs for wages generated between March 13th and December 31st, 2020. Eligible employers, including borrowers who took out a loan under the old PPP, may reclaim an increase of up to ten thousand dollars per person per year; employers who qualify for the standards, including PPP members, are entitled to a 70 per cent wage Credit in addition during the first two quarters of 2021 the maximum amount of wage that qualifies for the credit has been doubled to ten thousand dollars per employee how to apply for the employee retention credit, employers will be able to claim a total of seventy per cent credit under the employee retention credit started in 2021.

ERC Eligibility Criteria

Businesses must meet specific conditions to be eligible for the Employee Retention Credit. To begin, qualified employers had a full or partial suspension of activities due to government orders or a considerable drop in gross receipts compared to the previous quarter. 

However, government employers and small enterprises may have exceptions and limitations in their eligibility, so it's critical to read the precise requirements. Furthermore, when determining eligibility, associated organizations and controlled groups of corporations must consider their unique circumstances. So in simple terms, you must meet all the eligible option list of any one of them :

  • Full Suspension
  • Revenue Reduction or 
  • Partial Suspension

In my case, it's a partial suspension, so let's get started, but before that, you will need the below tools or information :

  • Business Fullz, including EIN details
  • Payroll Report document (Every company has its own payroll type)
  • Form 941 (Download from here)
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Good VPN, Sock5, or RDP 
  • Any bank ground checker

 Applying for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

1. Connect your IP to the Business Fullz address to get started and run a complete bank ground check on the information

Business Fullz address

2. Go to the Employee Retention Credit website by copying this link to your browser:

Employee Retention Credit

3. Click on Start a new application.

Start a new application - erc

4. Enter the company information and the details you got from the checker and click on Let's Get Started 
5. When you come across this, scroll down and click on Continue.

6. Did you pay any W-2 wages in 2020 or 2021? Choose Yes and enter None for the majority owners and relatives list.

7. Are you a federal, state, or local entity? Choose No and Continue.

8. When did you start your business? Select before February 16,2020.

9. How many full-time employees did you average? Choose "My business averaged less than 100 full-time employees.

10. As I explained, These are ERC eligibility options, so click Continue.

11. Did you experience any revenue reductions in 2020 or 2021? Choose Yes.

12. Revenue Reduction, Choose Yes for this question

13. Which 2020 quarter were you down 50% of gross compared to 2019? Choose the answer you see in the below screenshot and continue.

14. With Q1, choose the answer as seen on the screenshot and proceed 

15. Answer the same for Q2 and continue 

16. Select, "My Q3 2021 gross revenue was 20% lower than Q3 2019 (or Q3 2020 if not in business in Q3 2019)

17. Scroll down and click on Continue 

18. Fill in the answers like you have in the below screenshot.

19. And answering the remaining question and continue 

20. Click on Continue 

21. Answer the question below in the complete suspension due to a covid-19 government order and click on continue.

22. In 2020, how many w-2 employees did you average? Enter between 4 to 10 and click on Continue (Make sure you note the number down)

23. In 2020, how many w-2 employees did you average? Enter a number below the previous number you click on Continue (Make sure you note the number down)

24. You will get a congratulatory message like the one below. Click on continue.

25. Enter the full owner details 

26. Enter the company details and number you see the below 

27. Enter the industry your business falls within, and tick the boxes like you see in the below screenshot

28. When you receive something like this, go to the email you used for this application 

29. Click on Complete processing

30. Did you receive a  PPP loan?

31. Did you receive government grants between March 13,2020 and December 31,2021? Again, Choose No

32. Choose Manuel to upload 

33. Time to upload your payroll documents. Please ensure the number of workers, date, and gross wages you stated match, and those you said you laid them off to are correct in the papers you will upload. 

34. I have successfully uploaded mine, then click on continue (To edit, this comes with many calculations, but in some cases, when buying fullz, ask the person if he has all those documents)

35. Time to upload the 941 documents; ensure this document contains all the necessary information on your W2 form before uploading.

36. Uploaded mine successfully

37. You will be asked to confirm your company details, don't copy and paste the details. Type them 

38. Do the same by typing the owner information; make sure it matches 

39. Click on the start application button 

40. It may take up to two or three weeks to hear from them, so focus on your email. 

In conclusion, the Employee Retention Credit offers significant benefits for businesses striving to retain employees. You can successfully apply for the credit following the outlined steps and guidelines. Remember to consider your eligibility, accurately calculate the credit amount, gather necessary documentation, complete the appropriate forms, and file them within the designated deadlines. 

If you are using client business fullz, it will be simple because you can give him sold format to provide all the necessary information at the end of the day. When ERC approves your application, they will mail a check for cash out. Make sure you change the shipping address of the cheque you will receive to a different address.

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    1. read the article again, these are calculation

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    1. wait till you get approved, and if you have gotten approved send it to my dm on telegram

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    1. Did you figured out how to fill those forms yet ?

    2. Follow the guide here to edit those documents

  5. Do they accept direct deposit ? Or they can only send a check ?

    1. From all I can read and understand here, it will be check and you will have to open business account in that account name and deposit

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