How To Edit and Submit The ERC Document

 Welcome to the ultimate guide on editing and submitting your ERC document! This step-by-step tutorial will equip you with the focus to perfect your ERC document and navigate the submission process seamlessly.

Crafting a well-written and polished ERC document is no easy feat, but fear not - we've got you covered. We will explore the key elements that make a vital ERC document, including the significance of your research question, the methodology employed, and the expected outcomes.

Additionally, we will then process the often daunting process of submitting your ERC document, providing you with a clear roadmap. So, let's get in and unlock the secrets to creating a standout ERC document that will impress both reviewers and funding agencies. Let's get started!

How To Edit  and Submit The ERC Document

The Ultimate Guide to Editing and Submitting Your ERC Document

Suppose you carefully followed and filed my previous article on How To Apply For Employee Retention Credit. In that case, you must submit documents to get approved and paid, so let's begin the process. 

The Employee Retention Credit requires that you submit the below documentation: (In some cases, you may buy profiles that already come with the complete package, if not, then follow the step-by-step guide to the end)

  • Payroll Report document 
  • Form 941 

How To Fill Payroll Report document 

As I explained in my previous article, every company has a payroll system. I'm using the below as an example for easy navigation.

1. It is essential to have the company's details, including the owner's name, address, and EIN. The period should be quarter 2, then specify the date to meet when covid started. (make sure the date falls between 03/13/2020 to 09/30/2021).


2. The next step is the Gross Wages, Work Classification, hours worked each day and the worker's name. Multiply the employee's total work hours by hourly wage to calculate gross wages. For example, if the employee worked 50 hours during the week at a salary of $25 per hour, their gross wages are 50 hours x $25 = $1,250. 

Gross Wages

2.1 Add Overtime (Time and One Half) 

 First, you need to get the total regular wages for the week. Multiply the regular pay rate by the hours they work. from the above diagram

$25 x 50 hours = $1,250 in regular wages
2. To get the hourly time and a half rate, multiply the regular hourly wage by 1.5.
$25 x 1.5 = $37.5 per hour of overtime
3. Multiply the hourly overtime pay by the number of hours rendered.
$37.5x 10 = $375 of overtime pay
4. Add both regular and overtime wages. 
$1,250 + $375 = $1,625

In this example, workers should receive a gross pay of $1,625, accounting for 50 hours and 10 hours of overtime. 

3. With the worker's name, it can be random fullz information or better check if they have payroll directions on Google as we did for the payroll tutorial.

4. If any of the workers have got special duties, add them and specify and add eaning too

5. Fill in the remaining details below Depending on the document you are using.

Download the ThePayroll Report document  Here

How To Edit the Form 941  For the ERC

To start filling out Form 941, you must gather some payroll information such as business name, address, EIN, number of employees, and Total wages you paid to employees in the quarter. If your fullz comes with 941, use a different method; upload what came with fullz. Now let's begin.

1. At the top of Form 941, fill in your EIN, business name, trade name (if applicable), and business address.

On the right side, a mark which quarter the information is for. For example, if the form is for the first quarter, put an "X" in the box next to "April, May, June." make sure the month matches the one on the payroll.

2. You can make up the figures here but ensure the number of employees matches the one on the payroll and erc filing and calculation from 5a - 5c. Based on the amount you enter in  5a, 5b, 5c, and 5d, you must add + to a total of 5e.

Add lines 3, 5e, and 5f to get the amount for step 6. In Step 10, Combine lines 6 through 9 to get the total number. 

5a, 5b, 5c,

3. This section asks whether your business closed or stopped paying wages during the quarter. "Check here." Then, enter the final date you paid wages. (Ensure the date is not more than 09/30/2021).

Download The Irs Form Here


Editing and submitting your ERC document is essential when filing Employee Retention Credit. Review the ERC guidelines, organize your copy effectively, edit for clarity and conciseness, proofread for errors, and ensure consistency and formatting. If you have got a different error apart from this, leave it in the comment section. To be able to edit the documents, you must convert them to Word, and you can watch the below video to convert pdf to Word.


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  2. Plz with the report of quarter should we select the 1st or 2nd quarter if i have already put 04/01/2020 on the payroll for the effective date.

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