Man Jail 10 Years for Defrauding Best Friend

Prosecuting Officer ASP Newlove Adjei told the court presided over by his honor Stephen Kumi esq that the Complainant Seth Antwi and accused Francis Yeboah are friends.

In 2016 Francis Yeboah, in his quest to get Seth Antwi's money, informed him that he knew a certain spiritualist who could help them succeed.

Francis again told Seth that the spiritualist had given him a ring and told him to bury it for three days on their behalf for their prosperity.

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After the three days had elapsed, Francis told Seth he couldn't find the ring where he kept it, and hence both of them would go mad unless they secured a discharge from a woman's private part to compensate the spiritualist.

Francis further convinced Seth that since he hadn't slept with a woman before, it would be difficult for him to get the discharge; hence he would get it on their behalf from his Ex-girlfriend.

On that same day, Francis told Seth that he had secured the discharge from his girlfriend at a fee; and would send it to the spiritualist.

A month later, Francis went to inform Seth the lady from whom they obtained the discharge was dead. The lady's family's investigations insinuated that both Francis and Seth were responsible, and as a result, the family members demanded GH 100,000.

Later Francis told Seth that after a meeting with the family and their lawyer, they agreed to pay GH 200.00 each day. Out of fear, Seth started paying the amount from February 2017 to June 2023, which amounted to GH500,000.

The phone number Francis claimed to belong to the spiritualist, which he used to collect monies from Seth, was later discovered to belong to Francis.

The accused (Francis) was arrested, investigated, and agreed to commit the crime. He was later brought to the court, where he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in hard Labour for fraud.

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