How To Fake Geolocation and Time on iPhone

In my previous article, I shared how to set up a premium card bank where you can also cash out any check from the bank drop, but when you are about to make a mobile deposit in the card bank, it will ask you to turn on your location, not to any suspicious activities or get bounced, you will need to change your location, so in this guide, you will learn how to Change Geolocation and time on iPhone. I will show you an app to do the same if you use Android.

How To Fake Geolocation and Time on iPhone

Difference Between IP Address and Geo Location

To make sure you understand the two. VPN or RDP Automatically changes both your  IP Address and Geo Location, while with mobile phones, you only change your IP Address leaving your actual zip code and timestamp the same. This can cast your job if the system you are working on is highly secured, and you already know it is unsafe. That is why after changing your IP, you must use the 3utools to change the location and timestamp without doing it manually.

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What Do You Need To Switch Geo Location on Phone

  1. iPhone
  2. 3utool
  3. Charger Cable
  4. Apple Driver 
  5. Computer/Laptop

How To Change Geolocation and Time on iPhone 3utool

1. Go to the official website for 3utool and get the tool by clicking download:

How To Change Geolocation and Time on iPhone 3utool

2. Install the 3utool software on your pc 

3. Lunch the software after installation.

How To Fake Geolocation and Time on iPhone

4. Connect your iPhone with the charging cable to your laptop; it should look like this

Connect your iPhone

5. If this drivers error pops up, click on install drivers

install drivers 3utool

6. Click on the ToolBox.

7. And click on the Virtual location.

8. Type the State you want to change to (Ensure it matches the Ip address with your VPN). After that, point the arrow/mouse to where the blue location is, so its exact longitude and latitude will be written automatically.

9. Click ‘Modify Virtual Location’; new instructions will come up; return to your iPhone to make these changes next.

10. On your iPhone, go to settings, click Privacy & Settings, and click Developer mode.

11. Turn on Developer mode; you will be asked to restart. Click on Restart

12. After the phone finish restarting, you should see this pop-up message; click on Turn On.

 13. Go back to the 3utools software again. Click on the virtual location and repeat the process.

14. When you click on Modify Virtual location this time around, you should get success. Your Geo Location has been changed.

15. Finally, go to Settings on your iPhone, General, Date & Time, put off the ‘Set Automatically,’ and then turn it ON again. The Geolocation will now show the new location.

iPhone, General, Date & Time

Conclusion On How to Change Geolocation and Time on iPhone

This guide is only for iPhone users; if you are using an Android device, there are many apps on the web that you can use to fake your Geolocation. Some of the apps I will recommend are:

Remember, when making mobile deposits with the previous tutorial on Card Premium Bank, you must first activate the card, then move on to Change Geolocation and time on your iPhone.


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