eBay Chargeback Method 2023: How to Get Steam Keys Freely


In this guide, I will show you a trick where you can open a dispute on the eBay website. I named this move as "eBay Chargeback Method." This is a straightforward thing to do, but this article is only for educational purposes. Ready? Let's get started.

eBay Chargeback Method 2023

What is eBay Chargeback? 

eBay Chargeback or Refund is a process where a customer shops on the eBay website, feels unsatisfied with the seller's item with what he paid for and tries to ask for a refund. An unsatisfied customer typically does this. Now that you have a fair idea of what this method is all about Let me guide you on how to charge back even though you received what you paid for.


  • Paypal account with funds
  • eBay account with your email
  • Brains 

How to get free steam keys with the eBay Chargeback Method

1. Go to the eBay website and browse the website for 15 to 20 minutes, and type "player unknown's battlegrounds steam key" in the search bar. (It can be any virtual item you want, but I prefer Steam keys

How to Get Stream Keys Free

2. A list of items under stream keys will appear; look through and choose one (You can buy as many as you want).

ebay stream keys will appear

3. After selecting, scroll to the Delivery Policy under the item you choose and check if you will receive the stream keys in your email with access details to your Ordered Game Key. If you don't see that, change to a different seller till you get one.

Delivery Policy on eBay

4. Then click on it now

5. If you have already logged into your eBay account, Choose the PayPal payment option and Pay. Log in to the PayPal account to approve payment. (Don't worry; you will get your cashback.)

eBay account

6. Wait for the seller to drop the steam keys in your email

7. Head over to store.steampowered.com and activate the keys

8. Open your PayPal account, click on the payment you made to the eBay seller, and open a dispute ( Report that you received the item virtually instead of shipping) 

9. How is it possible to get your funds back? It is against eBay policy for a seller to sell virtual items to a customer so that the item will be in your favor.

10. Once the dispute ends, you should get a refund of the cash you used to purchase the steam keys.


I hope this helps. Try this eBay Chargeback Method to get your Steam keys for free, and give feedback in the comment section. Remember this article is intended for educational purposes. Cheers!!!


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