Cash app Dispute Process - Complete Guide

Like any bank, you can run a dispute on a prepaid card like a cash app. Assuming you notice an unexpected transaction in your or do not recognize a transaction, the best way is to do a chargeback. In this tutorial, I will walk you through the cash app dispute process, but before that:

Cash app Dispute Process

Cash app refund policy

You can dispute a transaction when the status shows complete. To check the status of a transaction 

  • Go to the Activity tab of your app by clicking on the clock icon in the bottom-right corner of your Cash App home screen. 
  • Transactions are divided into "Pending" and "Completed" categories. Until the merchant captures the funds, the transaction will appear as "Pending" and cannot be disputed. 
  • Pending transactions are typically captured within ten business days. Once the transaction status updates to "Completed," you may dispute it.
  • To dispute on the cash app, the Dealings should be within 60 days of the monthly statement on which the transaction appears. Monthly statements are issued within five business days of the end of the month. 

How To Dispute a Charge on the Cash App

Now that you know the policies on issuing a dispute on the cash app, the below process will help you get your funds back. 

1. Open your cash app and click on support, then tab on  start a chat

Cash app Dispute Process

2. In the chat app, type dispute

cash app dispute

3. Look for any debit transaction you would like to dispute, especially a transaction you used your cash card for. Go for something other than the ones you have received or the cash auto cash app. When you tap the one you want, it will show in the open chat; click on Get Started.

4. The next page will ask for your info, first and last name, date of birth, and SSN's last four digits. Then, I was charged the wrong amount.

5. The trick to getting 100% success is putting a random amount you spent. For example, if you spent 430 bucks, enter an amount like $43 without the zero. When you do that, the system truly disputes and believes that the person who charged your card mistakenly.

cash app - $43 without the zero

6. Click next when they ask you to provide any attachment file, then ignore anything else. Then click on yes to email


This Cash App Dispute Process ensures you get your refund within 2 to 3 business days. 


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