H&R Block Tax Refund Method For Disabled Client


From February to October, many countries, especially the United States, have opened their portal for citizens to file their tax returns. You will recall I have posted some of the various portal tutorials, from Turbo Tax to Taxslayer; in this article, you will learn how to get an H&R Block Tax Refund for your disabled client, so without being said, let's get started.

H&R Block Tax Refund Method For Disabled Client

What is H&R Block 

H&R Block is a tax preparation service that works USA, Canada, and Australia. Regarding tax refunds, H&R Block assists taxpayers in preparing and filing their tax returns accurately to ensure they receive any eligible refunds owed to them by the government.

What is Tax Refund

A tax refund is a reimbursement from the government to taxpayers who have paid more taxes during the year than they owe. This typically occurs when the amount of tax withheld from an individual's paycheck or other income sources is more than the tax liability they owe based on their total income, deductions, and credits.

Information Needed To Tax Refund on H&R Block

  1. SSN
  2. Name
  3. DOB
  4. Address information. (Details should match the information on the I.D.)
  5. Sock5 or any Good VPN (PIA recommend) 
  6. Create an email with the SSN details. 
  7. Form 1099 (This form is given to USA citizens every year)
  8. Phone number
  9. Bank Routing and Account Number 

H&R Block Tax Refund Method For Disabled Client

1. Connect your IP to the drop address and check your anonymous status on whoer.net

anonymous status

2. Head over to the H&R Block website:hrblock.com, and click on file your own taxes

H&R Block website

3. Click on the file for the free option

free option

4. Choose to Create an account.

5. Enter the email you created with ssn details and create a password 

6. A code will be sent to the email; enter it here to verify.

enter it here to verify

7. Enter the pal's first name, last name, and phone number to create an account.

8. Put the code you receive on the phone here

9. H&R Block account is successfully created; click on done

10. On the dashboard, choose I didn't file a tax return last year (You can confirm this on id.me)

11. Enter the client's details and ensure they are correct

12. Choose I'm disabled

13. Type the pal SSN here

14. Fill in the address just as you see here

15. Click on Let's Go.

16. Choose Yes for Were you a U.S. citizen in 2022

17. Were you a student in 2022, choose No

18. Can someone else claim you as a dependant? Select No

19. Choose No for Do you have any dependant?

20. Do you have a child who lived with you in 2022? Say No

21. Don't check anything here. Just click Next.

22. Cross-check if everything is okay and proceed

23. Enter your full name and the date you are filing 

24. Time to check your income; click on the Let's Go button

25. Click on Help from the Nav Bar.

26. It will open a search bar, type ssa, and click on the form ssa-1099

27. Enter the $145,300 for Box 3 and 5, then Box 6, type 65250.

28. On this page, click on Next.

29. When you see "some of your benefits are taxable sh*t," click on No

30. Now remove the W-2 wages form from the page by clicking the delete button

31. Click on Yes Remove

32. Click on Start for Income profile

33. Since we are filing for a disabled person, you can enter any work a disabled person can do. Don't enter any forex trading or cryptocurrency sh*t.

34. Did you receive, sell, exchange, or display cryptocurrency? Answer No.

35. Click Next

36. You will standard deduct is best for you; click on Next.

37. Did everyone in your household have health insurance and choose None.

38. Click on Remove my state(L.A.) return

39. Click on No Thanks 

40. Enter your Bank Routing and Account Number 

41. Don't choose anything; scroll to click on Next

42. Click on Continue with Free

43. Click on Remove

44. Did you file a return last year? No

45. Did IRS issue a pin? Choose No

46. You will be asked to write 5 digits, type it, and save it somewhere safe.

47. Enter a number to proceed

48. Click on Next.

49. Enter pal Dl or I.D. number and submit


Filing a Tax Refund on H&R Block does not require Id.me; you only follow the above steps and ensure the bank account matches the name and SSN, and that's it. Note: This article is only for educational purposes. 

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  1. @regcollins
    Please at the social security withheld should we use the same figure as yours?
    I got the 1099 form but state withheld is EXEMPT

  2. Plus can we still check refund status on IRS after all the process, or how long does it takes to HIT?

    1. Yes you can check via the IRS to know your filing status

    2. Boss I file it and a letter was send to the cl that a certain form should be submitted within 20 days of the letter
      W-2, Wage and Tax Statement
      Form W-2G, Certain Gambling Winnings
      Form 1099-R, Distributions from Pensions, Annuities, Retirement
      or Profit Sharing Plans,

      It very worrisome boss I need clarification I follow the tut step by step please

  3. Please at the social security withheld should we use the same figure as in the tutorials?

    1. Everything should be the same unless you want decrease amount like I suggested

  4. please is this only going to work for a disabled cl ?

    1. Yes but if cl has never filed tax before too you can file for him

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