Who is a Yahoo Boy and How To Become One [Education Purposes Only]

Who is a Yahoo Boy and How To Become One

This educative article will walk you through who a Yahoo boy is and the strategies young boys use to venture into these games. If you want to know more, buckle up and carry all the necessary information to succeed in this online hustle for your daily bread.

Becoming a Yahoo boy is challenging if you don't have a mentor guiding you. Instead of making ends meet online, you rather lose your cash. Based on my research and experience, one could easily make up to $50,000 in weeks, depending on how smart and the strategies involved. With my experience in the past years, this write-up will help you go a long way. This brings us to the question:

Who is a Yahoo Boy?

The term "Yahoo boy" is a nickname used for online fraudsters in some parts of African countries like Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. In my own words, Yahoo boys are individuals who use the internet to convince others to fall victim to take advantage of their emotions, having their important documents for their benefit. They primarily target people from Europe, Australia and others.

How To Become a Yahoo Boy?

Becoming a Yahoo boy is not a job; instead, it is a deceptive person to become rich by taking advantage of people's hard-earned money. Since it is not a good business, experienced Yahoo boy uses tools like :


  1. Dating site profiles
  2. Formats
  3. Model Pictures and Video
  4. VPN /Socks/RDP
  5. Laptop or Phone

For a better understanding, let me explain the use of the above tools which these online hustlers use to get their victims to pay them massive sums of money. 

i. Dating site profiles

Most white people are victims of these Yahoo boys when searching for love on the internet. These fraudsters mainly hide behind someone else identity on these dating. But recently, these victims have become wise, so they intend to register on secure and expensive websites to find true love. To target wealthy clients, you need to get access to these websites. Some of them include:

  • Okcupid
  • Dateme
  • Livedatematch
  • Facebook dating
  • POF

ii. Formats

These are written words from experienced Yahoo boys that guide you to bill a client; there are a lot of formats: chatting format, travel format, I am sick, etc. It is vital to go through those words before using them. Some people have failed to become successful in this game because:

They use old formats people have used in the past, while others fail to read and edit before sending them to their victims. Sometimes, copying and pasting that info may lose a client because someone may have already used the same write-up on him.

Sometimes, you may not need any of these formats. You can cook a story in your head and use it depending on how the chat goes. You need to study and know your victim and decide which suitable format.

Everyone reading has a girlfriend. The question is how you toast her, and she follows you and how you make her smile. It is similar to the victim, so use your senses, or better still, you can get all your dating formats on my channel for free.

iii. Model Pictures and Video

These are identity Yahoo guys uses; some people use their real identity and later dump you, but using yourself comes with risk. You must purchase the model pictures and videos online or get them from a friend, which is rare among hustlers. This is info about who you are anytime your victim asks for a particular picture or video of you. You can get some of these models I got from the internet here ( I will delete them after 24 hours to avoid copyright violations)

iv. VPN /Socks/RDP

 These help you to "change" your location, making it appear as if you are browsing from any country you choose. Now, when you go to any dating site like POF or any area, the site can tell your location, that is, from which country you are browsing..once they detect you are browsing from Africa, forget it. Any profile you create will block you; that is why you need vpn, so VPNs/socks/RDP make it appear as if you are browsing from a foreign country, usually the USA.

How To Get Clients On Snapchat for Free

Apart from dating sites, you can get clients on Instagram, Skype, Facebook or Snapchat. Follow this guide to get a rich Pal

1. Create a New Snapchat Account with a Female Name

2. Click on the Location icon to see a map; you can find a reach pal from any country you choose. Most of those targeting Dubai use this method.

3. Tab on the search button

5. Enter a country name of your choice.

6. These are the countries you can search on, and I promise you guys that you will be rich if you search Dubai or these arab countries.


You should know becoming a Yahoo boy is an illegal act, and you can get arrested if you are caught, so this article should not be abused but for educational purposes only. In My next article, I will walk you through how to do a fake video call with your client.

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