How To Buy Gold with ACH plaid logs

Many online shops sell Gold, silver, copper, and other mineral resources. You can buy these mineral resources with e-check/ACH, Credit Cards, wire transfers, and other forms of online payments. This article will guide you on How to buy Gold with Ach plaid logs to your drop. Even if you don't have access to bank logs, you can use other means like cc or PayPal to cart, so without being said, read on.

How To Card Gold with ACH plaid logs

What Do You Need To buy Gold Online 

There are so many tools that go into carding online, but with this method, you will need these essential tools:

  • ACH Plaid Logs or any wire transfer logs
  • Drops Details, including address
  • Maintain log IP for carting.
  • First and Last Name of the log owner
  • Create an email with log owner info

 How To Buy Gold with ACH plaid logs 2024

After having all your tools ready for the Gold Method, check if your IP is clean and 

1. Head Over to

How To Card Gold with ACH plaid logs

2. Create an account with the bank name. (You can get the details when you log in to the bank account you are using.)

3. Enter the first and last name of the bank owner and the email you created in his name (the number can be Google Voice)

4. Now, on the Bgasc website, Click on Gold or any resource you prefer; in my case, I am going for Gold coin.

5. As you can see, there are many Gold coins, from cheap to expensive. (Choose the affordable version if you are using a credit card, as some of these cc can not charge higher.) 

6. I'm adding $ 3,000-plus Gold coins to the cart because I use Plaid with a higher balance. (You can add as many as your logs can charge.)

7. Click on the Checkout button 

8. When you click on the  Payment Selected drop-down menu, you should see many payment options

9. we are going in for ACh, so click on the e-check/ACH and checkout.

10. Now enter the drop name and the address you wish the Gold will go to and click on validate

11. Time link the plaid log; we have two options, manual or instant; you can use any, so to do that, click on "Add Account Now."

12. Click on Continue

13. If you are working for someone scared to give you the plaid login details, use a manual; they will send a trial deposit to him, and then you take it from him. But if you have the logs yourself, use the Instant linking.

14. You will see this page When you click the Instant version. Please search for the bank name here and log in (They won't send any OTP), and that is it.

15. In my case, I am carting for someone who prefers to keep his log details. So, for that, I will choose the manual option.

 15.1 And enter the Routing Number

16. Enter the account number

17. Then fill in the plaid log name

18. Choose the type of Account, either Checking or Saving

19. Click on Authorize so that they can send the code. (Take the code from the log owner.)

20. On this page, click on Continue

21. With the shipping, choose Air UPS; it will arrive in 3 days. Agree to the terms and click on Finish & Place My Order

22. You should get a "Thank You for your order."


If you are looking for a simple way to buy Gold to your client or spend plaid logs, this method will get 100% success if the bank does not cast during shipment. Ensure to show homage to this blog so that I can continue bringing you fresh updates, and remember to share your experience when you get a load. 


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