How To File IRS Tax Refund For Student 2023

Over the past few months, I have shared different tax filing methods. In this article, you will learn how to file an IRS tax refund for students. Primarily, this works well for those in the age range of 17 to 21 years. To save time, let's get started.

IRS Tax Refund For Student

What Do You need? 

  1. Fullz (Aged must be 17 to 21 years old)
  2. Bank Account Matching fullz details
  3. School Information from the fullz 
  4.  EIN
  5. A Computer or Mobile Phone 
  6. Good VPN, SOCK5, O RDP 
  7. USA Phone Number (You can use the app number)
  8. Set up an email matching the cc's First and Last Name

IRS Tax Refund For Student 2023

1. Set your VPN or socks to the fullz address you use (ensure your IP is clean).

2. Head to the TaxHawk website and click Start Free Return.

3. And click on Create New Account

4. Fill in the fullz details to set up an account 

5. You can choose to verify the Number or Skip.

6. If you are asked whether or not you filed tax last year, Click on Skip

7. Again, enter the fullz details to start filing for the IRS Tax Refund For Student 

8. Answer the following question as No 

  • Can a parent claim you as a dependant on their tax return? Choose No
  • Do you want to contribute $3 to the presidential election campaign fund? Tick NO
  • Tick No for "Is this person legally blind?
  • Choose No for "Has this person passed away before filing this tax return?

9. What is your filing status? Answer as "Single."

10. Choose No, Countine for Your Dependents, and Qualify Children

11. Review your details, choose No for Identify Protection PIn, and click Continue.

12. On the next page, click on Continue

13. Click Continue to income

14. Your wages (form w-2), click on Skip for Now and tab continue.

15. On the income page, scroll down to the button section and continue.

16. Did you receive, sell, exchange, gift, or otherwise dispose of any cryptocurrency during 2022? Say No.

17. Scroll to continue

18. Next page, don't do anything; continue 

19. Time to maximize your refund, tax, and Continue to Deduction.

20. Do you have any of these itemized Deductions? Scroll down and click on Continue.

21. Ensure to choose Yes for Do you want to use Standard Deduction since.... then save to proceed

22. Check the No option for Did you have health insurance from the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace and save to continue.

23. Choose No for all the questions under "Did You contribute to an IRA"?

24. Did you attend college in 2022? Check the Yes option

25. Who is the student? Choose your name in the dropdown menu 

26. Tell us about your education? Choose like the below 

  • Less than one year or none
  • Choose no for (Has "name" already taken the American Opportunity Credit for four tax years?
  • Yes, for was enrolled during 2022 in a program that leads to a degree, certificate, or other recognized education credential?
  • Next, choose Yes. 
  • Last, tick the No option and continue.

27. The next section will be asked about your school information and address. Fill in and continue.

28. Do you need to enter a 1098-T from your college? Say Yes

29. If the fullz has EIN, enter it. Enter $ 5,000 for Payment received for qualified tuition and related expenses and proceed.

30. Do you need to enter another 1098-T, Choose NO, Continue

31. Do you need to enter any more schools? No, continue

32. What are your other tuition expenses?

  • Check No for "Do you have any tuition paid that was not recorded to your form 1098-T
  • Books, Supplies, and Equipment enter from $299 to $399
  • The remaining questions should be " No. 

33. Choose No Continue 

34. Choose Yes, for are you eligible for a refundable part of American Opportunity Credit?

35. Do you want to change the recommended education credit?

36. Use the No options for "Did you have any student loans or receive a form-1098-E in 2022?

37. Use the No options for "Did you have any student loans or receive a form-1098-E in 2022?

38. Earned Income credit summary, Click Continue

39. Choose No for the following questions: Did you make your home more energy efficient?

40.No for "Did you pay any work-related child care expenses during 2022?

41. Common Deduction Credit and other deductions do nothing here; scroll down and click continue.

42. click on Continue without doing anything in the section "Your 2022 deduction and credit summary."

43. Continue to Miscellaneous on the next progressing page.

44. we will not do anything at the next age, so continue.

45. Do you want to go through the Refund Maximizer? Say No?

46. Click on Continue for the following 2 pages.

47. Tab on continue to State Return 

48. If they ask you about the state you lived in and it matches the fullz you are using, choose the Yes option and save.

49. Did you make money in any other than your state during 2022? No.

50. Check Yes for Were you a full-year resident in 2022

51. click on state and your state tax refund on the Nav bar.

52. click on the delete button if you see any state here

53. Click on Yes, Delete

54. Do you need to start a state tax return? Choose No Continue 

55. Click on Continue filling 

56. Scroll down to the button, click Save, and continue.

57. Click on Continue 

58. If you followed correctly, you should see a congratulatory message 

59. How would you like your federal refund? You can go with Direct Deposit for banks or prepaid like Greendeend or receive a paper check in your mail

IRS Tax Refund For Student - Prepaid

60. Now, enter the bank details and proceed.

61. Now check if the bank details you submitted are correct, then continue.

62. Send phone number to Irs, choose None 

63. Continue for the following 2 pages 

64. How would you like to file your federal tax return to the IRS? Choose "E-file your federal tax return).

65. Did you file a 2021 federal tax return choose No

66. Create a 5-digit pin.

67. A verification code will be sent to the email you used. Enter the code to verify 

68. Check my Taxes are done and I'm ready to send them 

69. your federal tax return has been submitted to the IRS for filing.

70. Check the return status, for example, a week after completion, when it will be accepted.

Conclusion on IRS Tax Refund For Student

Since this tax is for students, A $1,000 tax credit is available for the new tax season for those who still have children ages 18 to 21. The government has set aside a certain amount of money for loans people can qualify for, "so let's take advantage of them as soon as possible while this simple method is fresh."

While this simple method is fresh, new year, new money, new tax breaks.

Credit To Hackfreaks officials 


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  1. Thank bro. This is a good start, I just wish the cash will drop quicker than taxlayer

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